Wood Fired Pizza Oven


What kind of wood is used for pizza ovens? 

What you’ll usually find in the best - quality pizzas using pizza ovens is that of dry, pre - seasoned hardwoods. And these can respectively come in any number of forms, such as birch, beech, maple, oak or ash. Oak, among these, still stands as both the safest and easiest - to - use source of wood. When contrasted against other types of wood, it burns hotter as well. Not only that, but we’ve also got hardwoods we can choose from, which, in turn, can offer a total 3x weight of that of softwoods, eventually giffing off a whole lot more BTU heat per their volume. 


Fruitwoods are also quite popularly used, and these can also come in a variety. We’ve got, for example, cherry, hickory, apple, almond and even pecan. Plus, fruitwood gives off a wonderful fragrance. 

What temperature should a wood fired pizza oven be? 

Very hot oven - floor temperatures are ideal. These should range from 750 -650 degrees in Fahrenheit. If it’s at this temperature, you’re ensured a more thorough cook, as well as a faster process for it overall. And there’s more to think about, too, such as having the pizza oven already pre - set at 800°F or 425°C before putting the pizza in. 

But you could also get away with a very decent, final - result pizza pie by sticking the pizza in at 300°C – 572°F first. It all depends on how you want to do it. Just keep in mind that, if you prefer to go with the last option I mentioned, you will only be able to do pizzas that way….for instance, this range of temperatures is too hot for making wood fired bread on or anything else. On that note, large roasts or other types of massive meals can even go in at 450°F or 230°C. 

If you put the pizza in at 160F, the lowest you can usually get out of a wood fired oven, you’ll still be able to keep the pizza warm. That’s a good temperature for after it’s been cooked and you’re waiting to eat it a few moments later. But if you wait too long to wait, it could dry out a bit. 

How long does it take to heat up a wood fired pizza oven? 

To fire that sucker up, it’s usually not too long of a wait...like it was in past decades. Now, most pizza ovens of this fashion get fully heated within an hour, some even taking just an hour and a half. The smaller models are the ones that take up this shorter time frame, of course...as bigger ones take just a little longer to spread the heat internally, covering all areas inside. 

The good thing about the wait is that, once the wood fired pizza oven is fully hot, it can stay that way for several hours to follow….gradually cooling itself back down over time. So this lets you take advantage of that heat and cook up / heat up other things throughout the day. It’s a nice perk. 

Usually, the best thing to do, when preparing the meal, is to let this oven heat up first….as it’ll take awhile. Then, while you wait on that process to finalize, you can start chopping up the vegetables that’ll go on the pizza, pulling out the right kind of dough to make the bread, perhaps putting together some nice little salads, and more…..keeping yourself busy in the meantime. 

Why is wood fired pizza better, overall? More details to consider...

The reviews are not wrong, neither is modern consumer research : Many outstanding reasons exist for why wood fired pizza is much better, and its benefits and advantages are some you ought to be aware of. The first of many is that it can get cooked at higher temperatures, allowing it to thaw off more unhealthy ingredients and to more thoroughly kill off unwanted grease, and to cook itself more deeply and richly….the final result evident in the very taste of the pizza itself. After all, this was how people used to do their pizza, before the day of the microwave came around.

Also, wood fire cooking can offer your pizza that rich, smoky flavor that it will not get anywhere else. You’ll notice the taste. It’s more wholesome and unique, overall; it also gives you the feeling that you’re eating a more traditional pizza of luxury and not just any glob of cheese and grease thrown together at the last minute...sold to you for a whopping $8 at the local fast food place. Get the idea? 

Furthermore, pizza cooked on an open flame does retain its nutrients far better, and that’s a scientifically proven fact you can see anywhere online. Google makes no lies. The plethora of articles, white papers, research - focus studies, and more, proving this fact, speak on their own. And to add to this, microwaves, for instance, are highly detrimental in this aspect and are known to actually remove the raw, fresh ingredients contained in many founds…..destroying their full nutrients in the process. So no, Hot Pocket, you are not, in fact, a true match against the great wood fired oven pizza; people have just been deceived into thinking you’re a better, quicker option. 

And then, there’s also the energy saving aspect behind it all, which you probably didn’t know about. You can actually cut down on utility bills by using this method of pizza - cooking since wood ovens don’t operate on gas or electricity. Many people today --- more than you might expect --- don’t know this or have forgotten it. Society has, in a sense, said “hush, hush” on the matter. 

Final thoughts

So try out a wood fired pizza oven. Make the investment. It could save your health, your experience, and your energy as a whole. 

What is there that could go wrong? Just remember to cook at the right temperatures, and multi - task!  Enjoy.