What Kind of Fondue Pot Does The Melting Pot Resteraunt Use?

Author : Efrain E. Silva

Guys and girls, you are NOT going to want to miss this —- you like eating out (pre - COVID, I imagine)?

Pewter - fashioned electric types of pots are what this great eating establishment likes to go for. It is what they use. And such info is publicly available, which also says they have got nothing to hide. All branch locations in Washington, apparently, use this. How great is that? When talking about his preferences for ceramic types of pots, on another note, the franchise owner (co - owner, actually) has even stated, in his own words, and I do quote : “They are the best, so authentic,” he says. “You want the cheese to stick to the bottom and get nice and crusty so you can scrape it up at the end. With metal pots, not much of a crust forms.”

So if you want a rich eating experience, unlike others you might have had that were just ‘eh’ or ‘okayish’, then you might want to check out any of The Melting Pot locations near you or even try your own hand in the kitchen, with no less than a quality - made, durability - high electric pot similar to what they use.

These are the states and locations this restaurant is in, for your convenience as well :


California (I can actually say with confidence that I’ve traveled to ALL these cities and seen some of these The Melting Pot locations.)

Colorado (I live in Colorado. I can taste the quality difference from the food cooked here in these restaurant locations. I’ve trained all of them in this state. The Melting Pot rules here. I can’t make this good cooking like they do, and I have tried at home using similar pots, he he heh. I will admit so humbly.)



(Side note : I will also add that there are many beautiful restaurants called The Melting Pot in Florida worth mentioning. They have each gotten mixed responses. It is one of my goals, next, to try them all one day. I am headed for Florida’s branches first before trying those of other states….one day soon we’ll try them all……)

Georgia (I am not sure if there’s several Atlanta locations? I believe I tried 1 - 2 in the past.)










New Jersey:

New Mexico:

New York :

North Carolina:





South Carolina:




Virginia :

Washington :

Wisconsin :

So there you have it, folks! You now know what the pots used are. And you know just a bit more about the process, even from the mouth of one of the co - owners. What do you think?