Extra Large Hamburger Press

Author : Efrain E. Silva

If you’re looking for an extra big patty presser, or should I say burger press, as most people call it (forgive my fun slang), then you need to look no other place. Right now, and here on this web page, I am about to show to you just a few. So hang on to your seats! And don’t let go.

So first of all, let your eyes wander for just a bit to this page over HERE , where I have already typed in the search term on Amazon. Look at all the listings that come up. But I would like to draw your attention to this first one HERE , first off, noting that it can really press down some of those large 1 /3 lb. patties as you see in the photo. Click around on the different photos featured on that product page, if you are serious about ordering one, and one will show you two very meaty, thick, big - raw patties above the patty presser itself, which means this bad boy of a machine can knock those down to size and get them ready for your stomach. Indeed, where we look, we see….and here, I see that this is definitely one large mother product you do not want to mess with, he he heh.

A burger that was probably made with an Extra Large Hamburger Press

To further add, you see some nice indents in the form of lines which make line shapes into your patty (look at the area right at the bottom of the inside of the press itself). You can clean this one by hand real easy, by the way, and since it is known as ‘non - stick’, it should be even easier to wipe off any extra little crumbs or such (if they even stay on there). This one does require some maintenance, as all good products do, from time to time. So take a break from placing on all those extra large patties on there and just clean it every once in a while (I mean a more deep - clean scrub than usual ; you should regularly clean it after each use, of course).

If I could make a Christmas song about this extra large and in charge patty presser, it would go like this, “Be mine. I want you for the holiday season. Don’t go anywhere, la la la la la….” I think you get the picture. It’s one you should think to have in each home. I don’t know how I would have survived the holidays without it, since I LOVE my burger patties!

4 1/2 Inch

This size is pretty standard but it does come up a lot when searching for an extra large buger press. You might be looking for something bigger though.

5 Inch Buger Press

Five inches is a bit bigger and might be just right for you. This is a good choice if that is what you want.

6 Inch Diamter Burger Press

7 Inches - Is It Possible?

I was able to find this one 7 inch press but it doesn’t come with a mold. It is just the press itself.


Weber 6483 Original Burger Press vs Meykers Burger Press: