How to Crumble Goat Cheese

Author : Efrain Silva

How do you “crumble” goat cheese before? Have I done it before, you ask? I have to say that I have, and I know just how! So let me share with you, just a little bit, what I do that works —- you can pick my brain (but not my nose, heh heh) for just a few seconds…..

Goat cheese can get really, really sticky, more often than not, depending on where you got it from. Anyways, one thing you may want to stop and think about is to wear gloves when crumbling. This can make things a whole lot less messy on your hands, making washing them and clean - up, all in all, just a little better. Also, another tip might be this — have you got a colander somewhere at home, sitting there, that you’re not using? Well, then today can be its lucky day (and yours) because it now gets to be used, and you get to feel great…, the following method does not work all of the time, but many people have shared that it has worked, so if you don’t get it right the first time, keep trying this method….

Anyways, the method is this — push the goat cheese right through. Through where? Through the holes. Another trick you can try is this : If the cheese is super slimy or creamy, as many goat cheeses are actually sold that way as well, then you can stick it right in your freezer for just a few minutes (like 10 - 15) before then pulling it back out and using your glove hands (or even like a light fork) to then crumble away. Try this with different types and brands of goat cheese — that is all I can say here —- because some can crumble super easily in your hands while others not so much, and it all depends on the end result you are looking for. If the kind you get happens to be way too creamy, then it will be harder for you in the process (perhaps leave it in the freezer for an extra 5 - 10 minutes).

You ideally want these crumbled up, broken pieces to be no bigger than 1 cm. On the other hand, if the cheese is super hard, you can easily grate it and then crumble with your finger - gloves. But most of the time, what you will have, in each instance, is, instead, some blobs of cheese — goat cheese blobs, as some call them. Separate those little blobs, one by one, from each other by using a teaspoon (or tablespoon, if you really, really can not find a teaspoon anywhere around) and be gentle.

To get those sticky blobs off the spoon is, my friends, a whole nother battle — a knife with a smooth edge usually works well, as does a second teaspoon. Those gooey little blobs go great around the edges of a pizza that’s in the making. Cook it all together and yum!