Compact Espresso Machine: How To Clean

Author : Efrain S.

Want to know how to basically clean your portable type espresso machine? Not a problem : That’s why I’m here! CHECK THIS OUT…

First of all, it all starts out with knowing each of the components and very small pieces of this product, one by one. Because if you want to do a really deep sort of clean, and get all the stuck beans, grime and other stuff out thoroughly, then you will need to first dis – connect the small machine or turn it off and unplug it, then stand it above your dish sink where you can really have a spot for anything that falls from the machine to fall into it….know that these machines (but yours may be just a little different or have its build in different spots, or a different layout, all in all) often have a portafilter of their own, which is just basically a fancy pants name for a long – handled sort of reservoir which basically looks like a cup (very cup – like, you might say, he he he heh).

It should also have a basket or blind basket, and possibly a group gasket or screen in addition to that. It should have a glass container of sorts, kind of like at the bottom, like a carafe. It basically catches what you have brewed down into it. These look different in varied models. Now, take all of these parts apart and separately clean them one by one, using a strong dish soap or detergent which should be more than fine and a nice, firm rough sponge (not a soft one, if you really got to scrub down to get old residue off that’s been sitting there longer). Make sure you really get down and dirty so that each part can truly sparkle and shine before you put the whole machine back together. Take your time —- that’s the key to not miss anything.

Make sure to scrub thoroughly right under the drip tray, if you have one….where all the coffee drops drip and fall in if anything leaks, after the coffee’s been brewed. Clean over and under it. You might also want to consider this — some compact espresso machines actually have fully – removable, fully dish – washer – safe parts that you can throw in your dish – washer for a really good deep clean. Consult your user guide first.

When wiping the baskets, usually a dry cloth is best, or one that is only slightly moist. Scrub hard and throw that cloth away — try to get all the dirt and junk onto it. You can usually rinse the portafilter with some fresh, hot water under your main sink and it should be good to go —- leave it for a minute or two under a good blast of your hottest water setting.

We hope this sure has helped! GET READY to clean and have a new machine. Have fun! Make it count.