Compact Espresso Machine: How To Buy

Author : Efrain S.

Before you go and get a compact (or portable, as many prefer to call it, he heh) espresso machine, it would perhaps —- or at least I would suggest —- be a good idea to actually know what kinds of machines there are…in sort of a buying guide fashion. And that is only a bit of the much information I wish to cover in this blog, so let’s hop into it…..

First of all, with compact espresso devices, there are 6 generally recognized kinds (and a few other foreign types that have recently hit the market but not really made it “big” abroad in the U.S., yet). And these can be bought online through Amazon, Walmart Online, eBay, Target, and multiple other sellers….and you can also get all 6 kinds in different in – store retailers. Just call before coming in to make sure they have one for you in stock. If you buy these online, you can also try to out – bid the other buyers and still get a decently lower price on it than what you might pay at a store (which is so much fun to do, by the way, and beat the other buyers, he he he heh…a guilty pleasure of mine, from time to time, just to see the look on their faces, I will admit, is price – less).

These 6 types are the manual, the semi – automatic (yup, just like a certain gun a policeman can use, weird, right?), the fully – automatic, the super automatic, the capsule and the stream. You’ll want to know which one you really need before you buy. So with the manual, the name’s a dead giveway itself, he heh….you put in the work and have more control over the process of things. And then going from semi – automatic to fully or super automatic, you lose more and more of that (but the nice thing is the machine does most of that work for you and lets you relax as you wait for the coffee to finish). The capsule type of espresso or compact espresso machine also tells you what it does in its mere name ; it uses quick, small capsules (coffee capsules, which you just insert in the machine to pre – load). This is generally a 1- button sort of machine, so if you do not like to do much work, or are busy and stressed, either way…this one can also be for you. As for steaming, the last machine option mentioned, you can use a Mocha Pot or steam machine (yes, they do sell compact ones for this use, too, he he heh).

Want to buy the right kind of compact espresso machine that can serve what you need and how you need it? Also consider factors like grinding time, milk frothing wand options or add – ons, manual milk amount loading / pouring capacities, brew strength programming options offered, and so much else. Google’s your buddy. Explore and learn all that you can, especially on those winter days!