Best Pizza Oven For Food Truck

Author : Efrain S.

They call it The Summerset, and it stands ( or sits, actually, heh ) in a league of its own, too cool to play with the other kids….too cool for school. Too cool for its own darn good, in fact. And that is not all to behold….

As a matter of fact, take to mind that this sweet pizza oven is used by many serious food trucks and traveling food – truck businesses out there alike, and that is a fact. They have been serious about their business and their customers alike and have shown it by putting down the full cost for it, which is — wait for it — $1400 plus tax for the free – standing / natural gas version of it. And if you want to spend a little less as you save up for the whole thing, you can start by buying just the Island flange kit for it at about $130, plus tax. New or used, but new is better…though you might be able to squeeze forward a few bucks off the cost if you get a used. Also, there is the Built-in or Counter Top Large Capacity Gas Oven version ( which you can see right here : Summerset ‘The Oven’ Outdoor Built-in or Counter Top Large Capacity Gas Oven with Pizza Stone and Smoker Box, 304 Stainless Steel Construction, Natural Gas: Garden & Outdoor …. which I really think is smack gun awesome!!! And it costs you like $150 less than the first full version I mentioned.

Or you can also go for the liquid propane, free – standing version or another built – in liquid propane one, found right there on the same Amazon page for you. Options, options, options…. that’s what I like. Check out how many ways you can get and install ( or have installed for you ) something like this. It can come pre – built or pre – installed and ready for setup wherever you wish to set it up and use. SO THAT makes things one bit EVEN EASIER, labor wise, you could say. You get a full cover and two nice – looking racks with this item, by the item, and not to even mention a very large pizza stone for those 16 – inch pizzas. Now we’re talking….

And what’s more is that you can use the protective kit that comes with it as a means to simply be used as an add – on for your island, or simply as a counter top itself. Get creative here with your choices. There is much that can be worked around to your very liking, friend, and that was what inspired me in the first place, anyways…. like I said, options, options and more options! And if you happen to be using wood chips ( and who doesn’t, when making some great wood – fired pizza oven pizza, right? ) , then it’s got a classic smoker box of its own just for that very purpose, too. So can it get any better?