Blackstone Hamburger Press

Author : Efrain E. Silva

Aha, me hearties! We, at last, come to the great Blackstone! Harggghhh.

But beware : We speak of no pirate this time, but rather, a burger press that sails the waters and commands the kitchen. He he hehhhh.

First of all, and I say this with gladness in my heart (like any true pirate after he has nailed his stash of gold and killed off all his enemies, he heh heh) : You can find THIS burger press JUST ABOUT ANYWHERE. That is right — you heard me. So unlike with others, such as the Harbor Freight Tools burger press item (which I LOVE just as much as this one, mind you), THIS press sells itself, in fact, SO much, that you can find it at Lowe’s, the Home Depot, Target, Walmart, ACE Hardware, and even many more places (such as Sears, Macy’s, The Home Depot online, Target online, Walmart online, etc). Make it a birthday, wedding, Christmas, bar mitzvah, social bachelor’s party or ANY OTHER TYPE OF present you desire.

But ahoy, sailors, I am not done just yet — I have to share my gold with you just for being my readers and friends (my gold, in this case, being some info on this dear item of mine…my real gold I would never share, for many a pirate I have killed off just for it, mweh he heh). Now then, the first thing you should take notes on (pen and paper with you?) is that an item like this one comes in a nice, little ‘toolkit’ sort of version, and guess what? You can get the whole darn kit for just $15! Nope….you did NOT hear me wrong. $15 is all it costs!!!!! Not a nickel or a dime over (unless, of course, you factor in S & H plus sales taxes, but that should not be too much over either way, he he heh, so you win any way you slice it…or should I say press it?).

I was thinking of another great present to squeeze under my mistletoe and tree this year, and so I went with this product and was not in the least nub disappointed with what I got. I liked that the press itself was made of stainless steel, and since I got it with a nice spatula and spice dredge to go with it, how could that deal have gone any more smoothly? It could not have. But also, Harbor Freight’s hamburger press was one I picked up as well, online, so I’m super packed and have a backup press when I need one, even…ready for action!

Now, I used my Blackstone press just recently and loved the way my patties came out. It’s as if they were made by a perfectly burger - knowledgeable robot. They were all uniform, size - wise, and each matched in shape and overall look. None seemed to be “off” ; in other words, I had no odd balls in there.