Rice Cooker How To Boil Eggs

Author: Efrain Silva

I had a friend named Charlie once, long, long ago. He was the kind of guy that could stay up on a sunday night way past the curfew hours and research all types of topics until he felt tired enough to roll off into bed and dream many great things. He was a real visionary and I miss being in the same high school with him….ah, those good old days, I guess there will never be anything quite like them again in this life - time. God only knows if we will ever get to re - live anything even slightly similar, since the world has progressed so much and does not seem to be going back to the way it was in those stone ages of mine ( yikes —- I am not that old, but I’m sure the thought may have already crossed your mind just now as I mentioned this, he he he heh, but it’s okay…I forgive you for it ) . Charlie was a guy worth mentioning because he was a young man not like any other I have met, and I mean that in a nice, good way ( not that he was a weirdo or the black sheep of my high school class or anything like that, he he heh ) .

He was able to think of new ideas when others had run fresh out of thoughts. He was top of his class in physics and science, and heck, even math ( calculus to him was a simple little game, while I myself had trouble even just getting through algebra 1 without getting a major headache after each and every single homework assignment given, he he heh ) . But there’s a method to my madness in writing this. All of this is to say that Charlie sure knew, among other things, all about using his rice cooker ‘unconventionally’, he heh……

In fact, he was the one who taught me a bit on what I know now, and thus, I can share with you on this. So first of all, take notes. You’ll need this bit of info. And let’s get started.

First of all, first of all, first of all…..take heed to the fact that water is your friend for any rice cooker. Don’t make the error of dropping eggs, rice, or heck, anything else, into it and pressing “Start” without having some water in there. You can also over – burn this way, which is no bueno at all!

Put the eggs on that steamer tray, in the water, nice and snug inside the cooker pot. Close your lid and set your timer. 20 minutes is more than enough here if you want something hard – cooked ( and who does not? ) . Once done, take out the eggs and throw them ( or gently place them, I should say, he heh ) in a nice, ice – cold bowl or bucket. Enjoy them after a few minutes, no less than 10!