Hobart Meat Slicer

Author : Efrain E. Silva

Did you choose Hobart for your meat slicer? Big mistake. HA! Gotcha….just kidding. In fact, I’m going to instead talk about all the good things this meat slicer can give you and why you ought to try getting it….big twist, right?

Anyways, the Hobart meat slicer can give off some value, first off, in the sense of value - for - cost. What do I mean? Well, since Amazon sells it for around $1,000, last I checked, it better be worth what they’re asking you to pay….and I’ve noticed it is, so that’s a good start already….

It engages a blade diameter of 12” and can even slice through some of those hardest slabs. I’m talking about the EDGE 12-1 1/2 HP Manual Slicer. Of course, Hobart sells a few others, which I can bring up now that I’ve piqued some interest (proof of that is that you are still reading my blog here, he heh). Keep reading forward to get to the good stuff!

With that thought mentioned in mind, you should know that there’s also the Hobart HS9-113’’ as one of the top picks in the market, and to review this one, more closely, we can see that it distinguishes itself in a unique way, first of all, for being inter - lockable and holding its own removable knife. This makes for a nice automatic slicer, all in all, and most already agreed.

Since you can remove the knife itself to clean it more thoroughly, that is already a plus. To add, it’s an aluminum blade, making it way more durable and all - lasting. The product shuts off automatically, as a safety feature, after 30 seconds of any inactivity. So if you go into another room and forget to shut it off, it’s already got that taken care of for you, which is always a nice key benefit.

You can even slice that meat as thickly as 1 inch. And instead of a 12 - inch slicer like that last one I mentioned, you get a full 13 inches, a small world of difference that certainly does help (hence the name, too, he heh). So it’s flexible. Choose your range and thickness.

There is also one I’d like to mention that calls itself the HS6-1 13’’. Now, bear in mind that this one is actually a manual slicer but that alone should not be a reason to discard it from your wish list. It is still a nice meat slicer and can give a nice cutting plane, of 45 degrees, to be exact…. In addition to that, it’s also got a superior aluminum knife blade. And for a manual slicer, that’s huge. We’re not talking about any old carbon or even stainless - steel - sort.

There are a few others made by Hobart, and that list keeps growing. Hobart hopes to get new models out in the next decade, too. The key takeaway from all of this here is that you get about 12 - 13 inch slicers, and very durable.