Cuckoo Rice Cooker

Cuckoo is a South Korean brand that is quite famous in the oriental world. However, the market in the western hemisphere is not that impressive. That said, the brand is increasing its customer base day by day.

While looking for a rice cooker, you probably want to find a four to eight cups standard capacity, thermostat control, versatile range, automatic warmer, and many more to a machine.

If you pick a cuckoo rice cooker, it is better to know about their products a little bit.

In this article, we will talk about different models of the cuckoo rice cooker and the brand as a whole. We will take a look at the pros, cons, and features.

Let us begin!

Cuckoo Rice cooker: Best models

After running quite a lot of inquiries and research, we have found out a clear idea about cuckoo rice cookers. Here, we have selected the three most popular models to speak about the brand. Let’s dig a little more.

The three models that we are going to talk about are:

Each of the models comes down to us with a different set of features, pros, and cons. While we appreciate the specification, there are some negligible disadvantages also. So, before purchasing one, you should have a clear idea.

CUCKOO CR-0675F (Best overall):

The first model that we are going to talk about is the Cuckoo CR-0675F. It has an ideal cooking capacity of 6 cups of uncooked rice. This means the rice cooker can contain 12 cups of rice comfortably. Therefore, it’s perfect for serving in small house parties or gatherings.

Along with that comes its versatility. The rice cooker provides you with a range of menus ( 13 cooking options to select from). With the multi cook option, you can enjoy white rice, scorched rice, porridge, and many more. You can customize the texture of the rice with this smart culinary device. You can choose between sticky, soft, and savory.

Apart from it comes cleanliness which is just a piece of cake for this rice cooker. Its removable nonstick inner pot, auto-clean function, the detachable inner lid keeps your kitchen and the cooker tidy.



CUCKOO CR-0655F : (Versatile cooking option)

The next model that we have chosen is the Cuckoo CR-0655F. This one is another excellent addition to the list. This rice cooker is a 1.08 Liters standard rice cooker. Similar to the previous model, this one also comes with a 6 cup uncooked rice capacity.

The rice cooker is made with supreme quality heat-resistant material. Also, the versatile 11 menu option lets you cook your dish according to your will. Apart from its auto cleaning technology and steam and heating technology, it has a convenient built-in ‘My mode.’

This mode helps determine the rice’s texture, softness, and glutinosity. The manufacturers claim this mode to bring 16 unique flavors to the cooked rice.



CUCKOO CRP-N0681FV : (Value for money)

The third and last model in the list is the CRP-N0681FV cooker. Like the previous two models, this cooker comes with a capacity of six cups of uncooked rice. This device is incredibly smart. It comes with a super convenient touch panel.

Also, it has three language voice settings to help you with cooking. The cooker automatically adjusts the temperature to cook rice perfectly. Like most premium models of Cuckoo, this one comes with the famous ‘My mode’ to help with the texture of the rice.

This rice cooker is a multi-functional one with an LED display panel. You are allowed to cook a range of different textured dishes like brown rice, nu rung Ji, white rice, mixed rice, and many more. Also, the rehat technology makes it an ideal choice for enjoying the leftovers.



An Overview

The brand Cuckoo is undoubtedly a reputed South Korean brand. They have included almost all the valuable features in their products. For example, the cooking capacity matters when choosing a rice cooker.

The three models that we have chosen provide us with a six-cup capacity. But there are smaller versions as well. Apart from it, the rice cookers come with a steamer, keep warm technology, multiple voice instructions, auto cleaning technology, and many more. In a way, Cuckoo rice cookers are among the best options for your kitchen.


Is Cuckoo rice cooker made in Korea?

Can CUCKOO CRP-N0681FV be used as a regular pressure cooker to make dishes other than rice or beans?

Does CUCKOO CRP-N0681FV speak in Korean, telling you when it’s done?


So, we have taken a detailed look at the products and the brand itself. Considering the features of their product range, Cuckoo has made quite an impression.

However, the LED panel, power cancel buttons, and noisy functioning might create initial problems. But looking at all other incredible features it is pretty impressive. So you may give it a shot.