Where To Rent Ice Cream Machine

I have over – paid on rentals before, but I never repeat the same mistakes, he he he heh heh…. perhaps a story I can share with you at another time. Anyways, if you looking to rent or lease – out, just know it can be done in just about any state ( if you are U.S. - based, like I am ) . There are tons of local suppliers all over.

The first of all is that you should try a specific, nationally – recognized service for this, and I like to use Rental HQ ( rentalhq.com ) . “Need it? Rent it!” is their slogan, one I repeat all the time. I love what they stand for, what they offer, and who they are — they are very upfront about their business and listings and you can always find something there. And yes…. they even have their own little website section for renting out frozen drink machines or ice – cream machines, ha ha! So you know you are in the right place, here. And if you go back to the main home page, there, at the top middle of the page, you can see two search bars —- on the left you have one where you can easily punch in ( or type in, I ought to say, he he heh….just seeing if you’re still paying attention to my words of wisdom here ) the machine or product you are looking to lease or rent – out ( in this case, an ice – cream machine, of course ) . And on the right search box, you’ve got the option to also type in what city, state, zip code, neighborhood, or local region you are in or need it for. Then once you have filled out both boxes, just click on that right magnifying glass in a red box shown to the right of the 2nd search bar I mentioned. And off it goes, to do your search!

Another great site I like to use sometimes is Island Breeze Party Rentals - Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine - Island Breeze Party Rentals but I don’t have time to get too much into details with this one, at least this time around…. maybe in a future post of mine or something, he heh. To find more great sites like these, but more importantly, ones that rent in your local service zip code or city, for instance, just google “local ice – cream machine rentals” and search through those first 3 pages at ease… take your time.

You can also, on a totally different note, and just as a suggestion ( kindly take it or leave it, and we will still be friends, ha ha hah ) , consider buying your own ice – cream machine and then renting yours out to others… for some profit. Check out this page : Don’t Rent. Learn about buying an ice cream machine here.