Best Commercial Crepe Maker Machines

Have you ever thought about how to make your breakfast more enjoyable? If you have, you probably have got the idea of finding the best crepe makers. But, those striving for perfection would require the best commercial crepe makers for the job. These appliances make your job much easier and less time-consuming, while giving you a chef-like feeling.

Yet, finding the best crepe makers is a job better said than done. There can be a lot of things that may go wrong, leaving you with losses. Hence, I have come up with a list of the best crepe makers, all of which bear the highest quality and performance.

Waring Commercial Crepe Maker WSC160

Waring Commercial has always had a high-class reputation in the market. With its efficient and durable products, the brand has captured the food service industry. Hence, first on my list, I would like to introduce you to the Waring Commercial Crepe Maker WSC160.

The first and foremost part that I liked best about the crepe maker is its heavy-duty stainless steel body. It truly gives the machine a commercial standard and makes it highly durable and super sturdy. Besides that, the handles of the device are heat resistant to ensure safe operation.

While talking about its performance, I wouldn’t doubt it since it packs an 1800-watt heating element. The robust cooking plate retains heat very well and distributes it evenly across the surface. It can heat up to 570° Fahrenheit and offer you a consistent cooking experience.

The only problem that I found is that you have to season it properly or work right. However, the given instructions are pretty easy to follow. With that all, I can say that the Waring Commercial crepe maker is a reliable and robust commercial crepe maker, efficient enough to give you the best results.




Next on the list, I present the MICHELANGELO Crepe Maker. It is a 13” multi-purpose crepe maker made from a highly nonstick coating. Hence, you can quickly flip or fold your crepe without any fear of spoiling it. The commercial crepe maker is also very easy to clean and use.

It comes with a batter spreader and wood spatula to make crepe folding or flipping mess and problem-free. With ample cooking space, you can easily make restaurant-type crepes in seconds. All you have to do is preheat the crepe maker, take a thin layer of batter, spread it using the spreader and spatula for an excellent distribution.

It packs a 1200-watt high power output that offers instant heating. The machine also features six different temperature settings for easy usability. Furthermore, since it is a multi-function crepe maker, you can cook other breakfast favorites like pancakes, eggs, bacon, tortilla, and many more! I also liked its durable built and attractive design.



Krampouz CEBIR4 16 Inch Crepe Maker

The Krampouz CEBIR4, made in France, is an impressive crepe maker with a versatile performance. It is suitable for large families as well as small restaurants. It has a large 16” cooking plate that offers quality and unbeatable performance as far as crepe making goes.

The best part about the crepe maker is its simple and elegant design that would complement your kitchen. It features a very robust stainless steel body with a thick cast iron cooking surface. Both of these can withstand any damage. Thus, it’ll keep providing you with professional-level performance for years.

Like most other crepe makers, Krapouz CEBIR4 also comes with a durable, heat-resistant handle for portability and safety. It also has rubber feet that keep the crepe maker firmly in place.

Wait! The surprises do not end here. It also houses a powerful 1740-watt coiled heating element with reinforced heat insulation. It provides faster and more consistent heating throughout the surface. It takes around 5 to 10 minutes to heat up.

The crepe paper has 5 temperature levels ranging from 120 to 570℉. And since the griddle is made of polished cast iron, it requires seasoning so that crepes don’t get stuck. The only thing I didn’t like is its weight. It weighs around 42 pounds.

So, it is somewhat heavier to move around. But, looking at all other features, I can safely say that it is one of the best commercial crepe makers available online.



Morning Star Crepe Maker Pro

Morning Star is one of the most famous manufacturers of Crepe makers. Their products are highly regarded for their high-quality performance and versatility. So, as my next choice, I present the Morning Star Crepe Maker Pro. It is a 13” commercial crepe maker ideal for small restaurants and large families.

I liked the 13” non-stick griddle of the crepe maker. For its unique non-stick technology, the batter does not stick or spoil your cooking. Moreover, you can make a variety of items, including pancakes, eggs, etc.

You can control the temperature of the machine with its dial. It also comes with a batter spreader, ideal for making a perfect skinny crepe. So, if you plan to headstart your foodservice with a low-budget machine, you won’t get a better choice than this. Lastly, it only weighs around 6 pounds, which is indeed light.



ALDKitchen Crepe Maker Commercial

ALDKitchen is a reputed manufacturer of kitchen appliances. The ALDKitchen Crepe Maker is a commercial crepe maker with a double pan. So, it is an ideal choice for those who own a busy restaurant. However, the machine even lets you explore your own recipes by experimenting with different stuff.

I liked its durable stainless steel build, which ensures that it will stay with you for years to come. The crepe maker incorporates a 2-in-1 design with two griddles, both made of highly durable cast iron material. It also has two heat-resistant carrying handles.

Both the cooking surfaces on the device are 15.5”. It has three 3600-watt heating components, making it the most powerful machine on the list. Apart from that, with the thermostatic knobs, you can control the temperature separately within a range of 122 – 572℉. But it weighs around 66 pounds, which is really heavy.




Who does not love thin and skinny crepes for their breakfast? Well, I do, and so I would always want to have a professional machine. These machines are capable of giving you chef-like perfect crepes. Furthermore, with the best commercial crepe machine, you can cook various other recipes as well.

Considering all this, it is your choice to pick one that you like. However, if you want, you may go for the Waring Commercial Crepe Maker WSC160 that is both efficient and cheap. That said, do not forget to share some of your best recipes with me.