Electric Pizza Oven

What is it? 

It’s a pizza oven that’s more traditional and cooks apart from a more popular microwave, or regular oven, approach. It offers something new and intriguing. It’s a rising trend tailoring to a very select breed of customers, and that trend is ever - more becoming popular. More and more people are discovering electric pizza ovens and what they can do….

What can you do with it? 

With an electric pizza oven, you’ll cook your raw pizza, or certain other types of food products permitted, with greater simplicity, and sometimes in shorter duration as well. It uses a very simplified conveyor - belt type of system, meaning that it’s best function is to cook simple products perfectly; it cannot alternate between ‘deep dish’ and ‘thin crust’ preferences, for instance, only cooking in one way every single time….and the result is either hit or miss. Don’t try using it with varied pans, dish sizes, and such….keep things simple, and have in one thing at a time, preferably something that can cook up and keep its simple shape / look. 

You can also use this in your local food business, as most pizza places that have one will tell you. Especially for those with lots of employees, and very rapid business orders, it can be a jewel in a hot desert. Less employee training, and the time spent in it, is another bonus that comes with this oven type; the result, as follows, is less company cost, which saves everyone money, when you slice it down. Everyone wins. 

How is it different from other pizza oven? 

An electric pizza oven is similar to a gas pizza oven, in the sense that both can offer non - mainstream ways of cooking your pizza in a short amount of time, offering a more intense flame - based approach, some flavor to the cook (if using special wood), and the feeling and sense that one has truly tried a more traditional pizza, as it is meant to be eaten. Furthermore, though, the electric type will cost more than the gas type, in most cases….so that’s an advantage the gas pizza oven has got going for it. But also, on the other hand, the electric type is more modern and, as most would agree with, can be a whole lot easier to use as well; so the pros and cons balance each other out here.

The electric pizza oven will also give a more uniform taste that is similar every time. So in this sense, it may not be the best product option when the need arises for cooking up those delicious crusts, throwing in extra flavors, or even trying ‘other types’ of your favorite pizzas, respectively. But some, on another note, still do love the uniform simplicity that it can offer them….and they don’t like to mix things up as much, perhaps once in a blue moon. So this one’s great for ‘creatures of habit’; if you’re one, we think it’ll suffice your need.

Electric ovens might also have a greater upfront cost associated with them though they’re also less labor - and time - intensive, when it comes to regular maintenance, repairs or replacements on them. It’s not so with the gas electric ovens. Electric ovens work wonderfully toward attending the needs of busy restaurants, and these types of businesses are, in fact, some of the greatest consumers it holds. 

How many watts does a pizza oven use? 

Here, we’re looking at anywhere from  6.2 cents to 14.7 cents per every KW / h. Most use, in terms of watts, about 5,000 - 6,000 per use. Some more energy - efficient ones, which can require a huge upfront cost, can consume as little as about 2,000...or even less. The Pizzazz models, at least some of them I’ve seen, can offer this sort of thing; just be prepared to stretch your wallet a little more --- at least, at first. But in the long run, of course, you do save….and tons...yet it’s getting there that can be a little harder for some. 

For a pizza oven with just one deck, you can hope to land somewhere within the range of a 3.5 KWh Energy consumption per hour, with a $1.12 cost per kilowatt.  But with dual - deck consumption in place, you could double those savings. Think about what you really need, though, for your personal or business pizza needs...is a single deck enough, or can you not continue unless you’ve got two decks? 

Any other details?

These more convenient, luxury - types of pizza bakers are not always cheap; you can expect to hunt down an unused one for about $83, at the very lowest price, from what I’ve seen online. But really high - quality ones start at about $1,100 and go up from there. Keep taxes, as well as coupon discounts (even a 10% off would help shoot the price down a bit more than you’d expect), in consideration as you move forward. And search online. 

But there’s also many ‘bulk retailer’ stores that offer this kind of product, most of which can have it shipped and installed….right to your location. There’ll be a cost associated, as well, so factor that all into the final equation. But what types of stores are we talking about, you scratch your head and wonder? Well, ones like Sam’s Club tend to specialize in such products. 

And there’s also Costco. Let’s not forget. Both of these sell and in all kinds of sizes and shapes. If you’ve got a membership card registered with any of these two, you might save even more. More power to your spending! 

Also, keep in mind that some of these types of ovens can even come  double - decked and offer brick hearth as well. This not only adds to their elegance and utility as a product but can also give you a greater sense of peace and satisfaction in your investment. It feels good to know you’re paying for something that’ll add great value to your life. 

Check out this type of oven. See if it’ll serve you. Then, tell the world of your experience using one.