Pizza Dough

Are you a pizza dough fanatic? Or perhaps one in the making? Well, either way, you’ll love what we’re about to cover…..

How to make pizza dough  

Start with some all - purpose flour. This is perhaps the best flour type you can get. Like its name indicates, it’s good for using on pretty much anything….on pizza, it works wonders. Once you’ve got enough of that, a good strong batch of dough to work with, then follows the next part… which is throwing in a hint of garlic powder, usually about a good ¼ teaspoon; this’ll help you to moderately ‘spice that crust up’ even more.     

Use a roller and then roll things around a bit. You want something nice and flat when up against the counter or table. Stretch it out to get the width you want, then bake for 15 - 20 minutes. Now, at least the dough is molded….and a part of the final pizza has been made. 

How to make homemade pizza with store - bought dough 

When this particular type of dough gets cold, it can be a lot harder to stretch than other dough types. Note this. And it’ll take anywhere from half an hour, to three hours, just to rise. Wrap it in one of your fresh kitchen towels, or even set it out by a window. It’s even better --- a little extra ‘hack’ --- if the towel is warm and has just come out of your dryer. The heat it emits will certainly help the process.

Form that dough into a ball or pinch it into a log. This all depends on the shape you’re looking to get. Do you want a round pizza or something triangular, in other words? Use a flat surface, or any cutting board, and then spread that dough out evenly. Then throw the dough in the oven --- it’s baking time.

How to make pizza dough from scratch 

Try my recipe though I’m sure there’s several more online you can find, if you want to go a different route at any time. But mine is like this…..Start by getting all the following ingredients : a teaspoon of sugar (no, not to make the medicine go down….as Mary Poppins would’ve said), a couple teaspoons of kosher salt, an envelope of instant dry yeast, a couple tablespoons of olive oil (along with 2 teaspoons), 2 cups of water set at 100 F, and 4+ cups of bread flour. You’ll also want to have an adequate roller.

Then, use a stand mixer on the sugar, yeast and flour. Add the water and oil; then, you can form the dough into balls, which you’ll then beat into something more firm. Scrape your dough onto a surface that’s been lightly floured. Grease any large bowl.

Then, use that last tablespoon of olive oil (hopefully you’ve been saving it) and cover your bowl in any plastic wrapping. Put it inside of a warm area so that it then doubles in size on its own. Let it do so for an hour, then turn the dough over and divide it in half….two equal pieces. Let it rest for awhile. 

How to make pizza dough without yeast 

For this one, you’ll want to have the following things handy : ½ teaspoon of salt, a baking sheet, 2 tablespoons of olive oil, ½ cup of milk (fat - free is the best option here), a teaspoon of baking powder, and, let’s not forget, some all - purpose flour (like 1 ⅓ cups ought to do the trick). Get a bowl and mix that flour, salt and baking powder together within it; then you’ll want to stir in some olive oil, along with the milk, in order to get a nice, soft dough in formation. After that, you’ll need to knead the dough about 10 times, but not before you’ve first turned the dough over properly. Do so onto a surface lightly floured, once again.

Then the next step is to take that dough, grabbing it firmly, and shape it right into a ball. Then use an inverted bowl to cover it. Give it about 10 minutes as you let it sit. The last step involves rolling….making sure that dough gets rolled right in a 12-inch circle. And of course, it’ll all be on the baking sheet that you’ll use; you’ve just made yeastless pizza dough!

How to make a calzone with pizza dough

Start out by pulling your chosen dough from the fridge and then pre - setting it out for about 25 minutes. This lets it accustom itself to room temperature. (But if the dough’s been in the freezer and not the fridge, just prior to pulling it out, it could take longer...and you need to let it thaw out more.) Dust your work space lightly, with some flour, then dump that dough on top of the flour and roll everything til’ it’s flat. 

Grab a couple handfuls of mozzarella cheese and put them in a bowl that’s preferably medium - sized. Throw in some chopped onions and olives, sun - dried tomatoes, and any other little veggies you want to mix in there. Add some marinara sauce on top, and then some parmesan cheese. 

Chop up a few meatballs, then feel free to throw them in to the mix. Mix everything together once more, then spread it out over a half portion of that rolled - out dough you saved; make sure that portion stays about an inch away from its edge. Fold the other half of the dough over, right on the mixture. Seal the calzone’s edges by crimping them with any fork. Bake for 20 minutes at 350 degrees preheated.


Last thoughts? 

If it’s your first time learning to make pizza dough, don’t worry. We’ll keep your secret. We all have to start somewhere. Start here, and maybe, with time, this could become a regular hobby you enjoy...and something you end up teaching others how to do in their spare time, as well….perhaps for profit, even. Think positive!