Betty Crocker Pizza Maker

Author : Efrain S.

What is a pizza maker in the first place, you might want to know? Thank you for asking. Let me tell you….

It’s basically what many call a mini – pizza oven, a slang term for it. I like to use the term myself. And we’re now going to look at a bright, red one made by Betty Crocker, a great brand for kitchen cooking products, by the way ( but I’m sure you knew that already, he he heh ) .

Now first of all, this product can be very light, at only 6.36 lbs. So don’t worry about having to lift and lug a huge restaurant – room – sized pizza oven, he heh. Nothing like that. Light but efficient, this one is quick and easy for ya. You just fold the flap up to open it, put the pizza ( or certain other permissible food items ) in, fold the flap back down and press to cook. Everything comes assembled as – is and ready for use, so that’s another easy give. And if you buy it new, in its box, you can also get free recipes included with it, as well as cooking ideas ( since it can cook other foods inside, too ) .

The full dimensions, in terms of inches, for it, are as follows : 13.8 x 15.9 x 5. So measure that and you can instantly see that it can fit nicely right in any kitchen countertop area and sit there for when needed. Any small – to – large cupboard should, as well, be able to host it. It’s made for sitting in your kitchen area, anyways, he heh, so you can see again that size and weight are not a problem at all ( heck, since I mention this, it reminds me that my wife did take it to her friend’s home the other day for a shared dinner, he he heh heh …. very cool how portable and easy to store / place it really is ) . If you are like me, and love cranking things up, cook the pizza at max temp…. and it should be ready in only 15 minutes.

And you will have one of the best well – cooked pizzas in record time. There’s a built – in thermostat inside this small pizza maker oven, by the way, one that is 100 % self – or auto – regulating. Neat, eh? Yes…. very neat, I would add.

And guess what else? Both plates, or flaps, the bottom and top one alike, get internally heated, too. So you get a finished food item that was heated from top to bottom, literally speaking. Heh heh. We are talking about dual – heating, and the best there is for it.

You get a basic red and green light with this product. They tell you when the pizza’s cooking and finished. Me likee! Flatbread, sour bread, raw dough —- this little pizza maker is a champ at baking all of them. So take that to mind. And enjoy!