Vevor Portable Fried Ice Cream Maker Single Pot Six Buckets Yogurt Machine Roll Maker

Author : Efrain S.

If you own your own ice cream shop or even a restaurant that so happens to serve ice cream among other things, you ought to check out this machine. It is entirely stainless steel, all over, meaning top to bottom, practically, and is only of the highest grade in quality. It was made and manufactured by the best there is, and you get the largest capacity ever with 6 full cylinders on it. This means that you can crank out rapid orders in no time, even if your store or shop is full, with customers left and right! You can make entire quality batches of ice cream in no time, and what’s more is that you can also be able to use either foot pads or buttons for your defrost. Yes, in fact, the derost here is a simple breeze, and it really takes no getting used to at all…. it’s easier than learning 1 – 2 – 3, no joke!

To add, you can even fully rotate ( yes, in fact, a full 360 degree rotation, he he he heh ) those universal wheels ( and I did say, universal, so take note ) which makes things a whole lot smoother and more comfortable in the end. You can move or maneuver around that ice cream maker to place it just where you want it, when you want it there. No pain at all. And by the way, since I did mention the wheels to you…. did you know that they are also made of quality rubber material? Yup, we are talking about fully – functional, fully – rotational wheels that will not grind or get stuck when moving about, all in all…. easy to handle, maneuver, and leave in place as the ice cream maker is stationed. That sounds like quality, does it not? But wait…. it DOES get even better, my friend….

To add TO THAT, and further – more, this machine also works well with yogurts, milk, milk shakes, any prepared formulas that meet its standards, fruit juices, smoothies, snow ice, porridge and so much more. The options really are endless and hit the sky! And when it comes right down to having a soft or hard final delivery ( depending on whether you want a slushie, or a rock – hard ice flavored treat, he he he heh ) , this machine goes all – out and makes your dream come true.

And by the way, I will throw this fact in there as well ( since I can, he he he heh ) : It’s 2.7 inches height – wise, not to mention 7.1 inches in diameter. So we’re not talking about any small or incapable, low – capacity machine now, are we? Nope. You only get the best. The compressor also engages 740 watts in full capacity, and that, to be frank, is quite the power. The cooling pan itself, not to mention, is nearly 16 inches.