Stuffed Hamburger Press with Lifter

Author : Efrain E. Silva

If you wish to be able to do more than just press your burger patties into a certain shape / size / look overall, but also FLAVOR them and STUFF them as you do this, then this Williams Sonoma product might be begging your name. “John! Jack! Sue! Melissa! Megan! Adam!” (or just insert your name into that call for help) “Rescue me from the store and take me home with you today!” Can you not hear it calling?

But why should you get a nice patty / burger press product like this one?? Well, I say that if you favor something that is also safe in the washer (the dish washer, silly), then you are making the best choice you can make, all in all. Not only is it safe to wash in this form, but heck, it is also really, really, really, really, really, really, really (emphasis on the really’s), really encouraged as well. It is the easiest, fastest and most convenient way of all to get it cleaned up ; heck, I think surely it beats scrubbing down on it with your bare hands and soap, in my opinion. So why not?

Did I also mention it should be used with COLD patties, by the way, ideally something that was in the fridge / area freezer not too long ago? Why do I say this? Well, that is cause it can stick, and you do not want things to stick after pressing, which requires more work and effort to remove (plus your hands can get infected from touching the bacteria found in raw patties, if you poke around in there too much, there is always that risk). So once again, COLD ground beef is what you should put in there. Some also of this as a con since it is not a non - stick product, but it has its pros as well….yet either way, it is a great burger press that’s now on sale for only $10 (instead of the $18 usual retail MSRP price), so take advantage of that, if of nothing else, my friend.

If you want a nice, 8 oz. burger patty formed up quickly, then this is the item for you — put it on your Hot Items list. You can buy online through Williams Sonoma, eBay, Amazon, Walmart, you name it. And it’s also made in China, which helps to boost the current economy in a sense (with where things are as of right now), and is both made and imported very cheaply. We’ve ordered many millions of products from China, in America, and it has helped keep costs low for many everyday consumers. The plastic this product is made out of is actually nice and not like a cheap or easy - to - break - off type of plastic. It is durable, I might say, that being very under - descriptive and not doing it full justice (in fact, it is very firm, rough, reliable and SUPER - durable, not just regular durable…how’s that for a change?). Check it out, and be sure to buy fast!