How To Light Fondue Burner

Written By A Special Writer : Your One and Only, Amazing, Awesomely Unique FOOD Expert and Guru….. Mr. Efrain E. Silva! ( Woot Woot! )

How to light up a fondue burner, now? You want to know how?

If your family just so happens to be even a tad – inch like mine and likes to cook things the fancy way ( I am obsessed with Christmas and New Years fondues, for one, he he he he he heh… no lie ) on certain special days, or even on general occasions, then you probably use or have seen fondue pots and burners, right? Maybe you have one stored away somewhere, for those special moments, like I know my mom does at her house ( and heck, my wife probably does, too, at ours, he he he he heh ) . Well, then, I am going to speak to you today on that fondue burner, because it is an important piece of the whole thing and I want to make sure that you know you are using it the right way…. lighting it as you should and all.

So, then, never fill the burner all the way up with the fuel. That is a big no no and a semi – hazard, if worse should ever come to worse. Always know that. Also, don’t do so when it’s hot, either. And keep that burner away from the pot whenever you need to fill the fuel up…. do not have the two together. This is a safety measure, of course…. and when the burner can light the pot, then you know things can get messy, in the unfortunate event that they get out of hand ( or for instance, if you happen to spill any fuel or alcohol fluid near the pot or burner, which is a huge fire / explosion hazard, by the way, and I want to spare you of even the thought of this happening to you… so take this seriously, guys ) .

So once that burner is cooled off, then you can re – fill, if you need to re – fill. That is the best time to do so. You just pour the relevant liquid down into that bottom – most part of the burner and make sure, like I said, to leave some room at the top ( so do not fill it ALL the way up, as some beginners commonly make the mistake of doing ) . There are holes on the burner, in most cases, to help guide you —- once that liquid starts to reach these holes, you know that you can stop with the filling. STOP FILLING!

Put the burner, then, in its main spot — under that main pot. Check that nothing flammable, once again, is nearby, and assuming no fluid has been spilled or is dripping / leaking anywhere. Light a match carefully, open the hole, and light the burner. Adjust your heat temp as needed. Enjoy your meal or dessert!