Williams Sonoma Hamburger press

Author : Efrain E. Silva

When you want to get serious about your burger press quality and experience, not to mention final taste and satisfaction, then you ought to seriously start mulling over going with a W S burger press. This adjustable burger press, by the way, only hits your wallet up for $30, which is something most anyone can afford to put down. It is also one of the best you can find, and here on this blog page, we are going to talk about why that is, so do not go away.

Stay here. First off, this press is of cast aluminum and makes some of the nicest shapes of burgers you can ever find anywhere — that’s a proven fact. Just ask any one of thousands of burger lovers across the planet, and you will most likely find the same reply. I’m just one of those lucky several!

NOW, THEN, getting on to more of this burger press and what you ought to seriously take to heart, know first that it comes in thickness settings of 1/2” to 1 1/2”, respectively, meaning that if you plop your patty right down in there and press down, and it’s within its diameter, it will come out nicely and in the thickness you want. Thickness, for so many people, really is a key feature to look for ; I mean, in many fast food places, we never even think about it, but if we asked the front - desk cashier or person ringing up our order, they more than likely would be happy to place such requested thickness desired on our cheeseburger. We just either never mention it or know that such an option exists, but how great is it to think that this small device can do just that for you, so you can stay home (especially with COVID, now) and make any size or shape of patty, with the right thickness and according to the specifications of the press, right when you want to? It’s like eating out but much better, and you save some money.

Can we complain about that? I’d say we can’t. And most anyone would agree with me.

The finish material on this item, by the way, is non - stick. So yup, it’s a keeper in my book. It’s easy to clean up and wash off after any nice meal. And what more could we ask for after a stressful work week, right? Well, I could also mention the fact that its handle has got markings right on it, which can tell you how to adjust the patty when you put it on (in terms of its weight and how much it weighs, just like a scale would…how cool is this?).

All it takes is a few seconds of your time, literally, and out come the patties, perfectly pressed to your custom design. Take your pick and preference, and let the good burgers hit your stomach in no time. The question is, how thick do you like your patty?