Non-stick Hamburger Press

Author : Efrain E. Silva

We have all had those terrible experiences, I am sure, in which we finished up cooking a nice, juicy burger, only to find that, after pressing down, at first, quite a bit of patty remained on the press. Why is this? It is because we, in this case, were not using a non - stick or no - stick press ; we were just using something perhaps cheaper and not of the same quality material as well. Non - stick, on that note, is what I would fully endorse and suggest to you, not only if you want to avoid a mess and extra clean - up later but also if you desire a more attractive - looking (not misinformed or misshapen as part of the patty got stuck to the press itself, which you later noticed) burger at the end of the day. And who doesn’t, I ask? After all, eating a good, well - formed burger, with every topping and sauce on it, is what many people (like me) certainly live for.

Since life is short, we have to try and make every single experience count, am I not right? I’m right. Anyways….

One I like, and I’m sure you’ve read my other articles in which I mention this, too (but repetition is key to making my point well - known), is the non - stick burger press made by none other than Weston. It’s known more formally as the Weston Burger Express, and it can last you some time as the proven durability factor of it is no laughing matter (seriously, try laughing and you are in big trouble, just kidding). It’s already been properly non - stick coated so that you don’t have to do a thing (although, in most cases, some re - coating may be necessary, in which case you would simply have to buy a spray bottle and many types of these are sold in stores….but that’s usually when you’ve been using the product over and over again for a really, really long time, since the non - stick features of this item are truly ‘built - to - last’).

There is also a burger press made by Bellemain, a top contender. And it’s no less awesome in terms of non - stick potential, made even of heavy - duty aluminum. And did I tell you its non - stick interior also works in conjunction with a sort of spring release, both of which add the value of preventing your patties from sticking? Yup, in fact, you get a nice spring loader with the press, in addition to non - stick inside coating, and it all helps, to say the least.

To add another name to the mix, there is also the Grillaholics one. That is a very cool name and an even cooler product. It non - sticks like a pro, though it does lack its own ‘adjustment’ feature when it comes to patty thickness…but I guess we can’t get all we want, sometimes.

Try any of these non - stick burger presses. Heck, try them all. Find a favorite.