Can You Slice Raw Meat with a Meat Slicer?

Author : Efrain E. Silva

As you know, guys, in several cases, I would advise you NOT to slice meats that are frozen or not thawed over. But in this instance, if you want to throw your raw meat slab in the freezer for just a few minutes, like 200 (yup, like 3 + hours, he he heh), per say, so it can firm itself up nicely first, then I would by all means not stop you (or even beg you to do otherwise). Though you know my stance already and that I believe frozen, rock - hard meat blocks are not good for the machine to make the effort to cut. But anyways, let’s look a little further here as it applies to the instance of raw meat itself, as mentioned…..

So first of all, they say a non - serrated blade is best in this case, especially since we assume you want a very thin slice. If it’s 1 / 4 meat in thickness, then you might want to think serrated instead (especially if it is like jerky or something ; I have not tried this myself, I will be the first to admit, but this is what holds true online amongst some people who have…and they say this is ideal). If you want a 3 / 4 inch strip, for instance, and on another note, you might seek to try the meat slicers that can cut those top rounds. Many people love this, and by the way, some that can do it right are the well - known CHEF’S CHOICE slicers. Try them out.

Chef’s Choice is hugely popular, wherever you go. And for most of these, if you look at the cutting area cross - width, you will more than likely find out that you’re looking at anywhere between 8’ to 10’. If you try the 609 model made by the same company, you might also notice that many have used it to slice up some raw pork very nicely (and, heck, have even taken to multiple social media streams to talk all about their experience as they did it). 1 / 4 - inch raw pork steaks are ideally what they went for and got out of it, and it was not too hard at all to do….many note the process was simple.

Even raw canadian bacon (or any bacon, for that matter) can get sliced with a meat slicer and it has been done many, many times. You can watch a bunch of YouTube videos about this, as well, to see it all in action (I could not stop watching — I literally binged for like 2 hours straight before forcing my eyes to finally go off the screen….much in the same way I hope you are reading this blog post, with no less eagerness).

So there we have it — the short but simple answer to the question posed in the title of this article is ‘yes’. You absolutely CAN slice those raw meats with a meat slicer ; but of course, first know what you’re doing.