Best Pizza Oven For Camping

Author : Efrain S.

The Pizzacraft Pinto ( such a frickin cool name, by the way, when you say it out loud five times fast….try to, he he he heh ) : That is a MUST for me, as I make all kinds of pizza for my family ( yes, I do not have a pizza business of any sort myself, but I DID think it would be fun investing in one of these for my family and my large home, so there you have it, he he heh ). But you get what you pay for. So what’s another purchase, if you’re going for the best experiences for you, your loved ones, or your customers, right?

Anyways, this kind of pizza oven CAN be used in larger places, as I do sometimes, but it’s ideally meant for small spots like camping. It is portable and easy to maneuver to any spot…. yet I’m sure some pizza pubs and even cafes have gotten away with using it for their eating establishments as well… he heh. This one can handle what the bigger ones can and with no less umph in its step. It can crank out the same quality of pizza and no less quickly than even the higher – priced, larger ones out there. Which is why is still ranks among them, as one of the VERY BEST ( but for camping ) . It will take this small machine about 5 minutes to have a pizza ready for you, and as soon as you take it out of there, you can prop it another and have it start cooking, he heh. I did say it was fast. And when you are in the wild or back – packing out there, time is of the essence, so this little buddy has got your back!

It is also a more power – hungry, well – built pizza oven than the Pizza Que, another similar one made by that very same brand. This one comes with its own pizza – making eBook that you can get to download free. That’s a plus. And not to mention, it can cook your pizza in up to 700 F temperatures…wow, that’s a high capacity and potential for such a portable, smaller item ( which as you can see is likely why some eating places can still use it to crank out pizzas from their menu, heh heh, and other hot foods that can go inside of it ) . You also get a peeler and a grill brush as a nice little bonus from the seller, considering that you buy directly, of course, and not used or re – furbished from a third party. ( But who knows? Some used sellers might also include that, and the eBook, so it never hurts to ask if they still have those with it ) .

There it is, ladies and germs! The BEST pizza oven for camping. I think it’s this one., for all those reasons