What Kind of Fondue Pot is Best?

Author : Efrain E. Silva

Many would have their different points of view as to which they prefer to use and label as ‘best’, but my choice would be an electric fondue pot. It has always worked best for me and I see no other reason to switch. I guess I would have to say that one of the things I love the MOST about an electric option is that you can easily adjust the heat in any way you want, whenever and however you want, within the parameters given, of course. And everything is electric, anyways, these days —- from cars to magazines to coffee makers and so much more. Electric is good.

I like to use an energy - efficient electric fondue pot, by the way, like one that Cuisinart makes : Cuisinart is a top brand for making these kinds of products, and easily blowing people’s minds away with all those products can give to them. True value is in the buying, I always say. And if you don’t spend and give it a chance, then you will never know (and my review is only so good, but you have to actually get out and try the product for yourself to see if you feel the same way I do or if you have a different point of view on it….either way, you can share it with us here ; I promise my feelings will not be hurt).

The CFO - 3SS, by the way, is one of my top picks from Cuisinart. The adjustable temp control on it — get this — can remove itself at will. You decide when. Yes, it is fully removable. How about some oil? Got you covered. Cheese? No prob. Chocolate? Of course. Broth? Absolutely. This electric fondue pot knows all about what you like, as a buyer, and is there to serve you in every step of the way —- and I also like it because it is so darn durable.

I know that it will stick with me for many years to come. It’s its destiny. It was made for our home kitchen, and there it will rest for many years.

This one, by the way, also comes with a nice temperature probe (which is also another super great reason I like electric fondue pots, because so many of the nice ones, these days, feature this). Fondue forks, fork racks, a base and bowl, and more are featured ; and to be honest, so many (though not all, of course) other types of fondue pots, like those non - electric ones you see so much of and in cheap quality, do not come with this or allow you to use this — or heck, to even change the temperature so easily.

If you’re in the U.S., and you do decide to get an electric one, make sure it complies with all North American Electrical Standards. Many show that they do in their labeling. Just check or ask. It never hurts to. Be careful with that electric cord, though, and don’t let any hot liquids spill onto it by accident!