Crepe Maker Machine - G&M Kitchen Essentials

Crepe Maker Machine - G&M Kitchen Essentials Ever imagined your Sunday starting with some awesome french crepes melting in your mouth? Imagine taking a bite of spongy soft crepes with chocolate sauce and strawberry slices over it? Isn’t your mouth watering?

But the very thought of making the perfect crepes can break and smash your euphoria in a blink. What to do? Are you going to spend thousands of dollars in restaurants? Or are you planning on leaving crepes and pancakes?

Come on, be smart! With machines like G&M Kitchen Essentials 12 Inch Electric Crepe Maker, the morning experiences are eased. Now you can make your desired crepes anywhere and everywhere.

Features of G&M Kitchen Essentials Electric Crepe Maker:

The G&M Kitchen Essentials 12 Inch Electric Crepe Maker is probably one of the best crepe makers you can ever have. Flawless products are a myth. Following that, this particular crepe maker also presents itself with some advantages and disadvantages.

Are you in a dilemma whether to choose this or not? Don’t worry; I am doing a review of the product so that you can have a better idea about it.

Larger cooking pan:

All of us want our crepes to be moderate in size, isn’t it? Whenever you are making crepes for yourself or your family, you should be aware of their size. And to achieve the desired size, you should consider the cooking pan’s size. Thankfully, the brand G&M Kitchen Essentials has prioritized the size of the cooking pan. The crepe maker comes with a 12-inch cooking surface which is absolutely fine for family purposes.

Easy to clean:

Now comes the essential part of all. Perhaps all of us feel the same when it comes to cleaning and maintaining appliances. And the most annoying part would be when you see the crepe batter sticking to the pan! I know, I can hear your thoughts. It is utterly disgusting! But what if we find you a solution to this problem?

The G&M Kitchen Essentials 12 Inch Electric Crepe Maker comes with a non-stick coating on its cooking pan. That means you will have a non-messy operation while cooking. Your batter will not stick to the pan surface. And ta-da! You are not worried about cleaning anymore. Thank me later!

Compact design:

Now I am going to talk about the design and size of the product. You will be amazed to see that the crepe maker literally fits anywhere. You can comfortably store it in your kitchen cupboard. It comes with a dimension of 13.19 x 12.08 x 2.68 inches. Besides, it is so compact that you can carry it while traveling.

Moreover comes the design. The crepe maker is so carefully designed that it seems to come from the year 2050! The stylish and elegant black color goes well with your kitchen decor.

Temperature control:

The secret to perfect crepes is controlling the temperature. I remember my debut at the crepe world in the kitchen. It was a disaster! I burnt my crepes because of the high temperature. I could not control the heat, and the crepes became black instead of golden brown. Thankfully, that is not a problem for this particular crepe maker.

It heats up fast with its 1000 watts/ 120 volts operating system. It provides you with a temperature-controlling knob that allows you to increase or decrease the temperature accordingly. Therefore, the beginners can have a smooth and unruffled cooking experience.

Build Quality:

All the machines in the world are classified on one major aspect- their build quality. The material used to make the machines ensures their performance in the long run. Honestly speaking, I did not expect it to be so good and so durable. The food-grade aluminum used to make the cooking pan is of premium quality. You can blindly trust the brand because they do not compromise with the quality of their products.


Almost every electric crepe maker in the market provides us with the standard tools for a better crepe. The list includes a spatula and a batter spreader. Similarly, this package also consists of these tools. The extra-long spatula is to help you with the flipping and folding. Since the crepe batter is to be spread evenly, the spreader is included to ease your suffering.

What I liked the most about the package was the cookbook included in it. The book contains hundreds of recipes. Even if you are a complete beginner, you can easily make different types of crepes with the help of this book. Isn’t that amazing?


Nobody will agree on spending thousands of dollars on a crepe maker. Remembering that, I have added a ‘price’ section in the review part. Considering all the features presented, you must be thinking that the G&M Kitchen Essentials 12 Inch Electric Crepe Maker will be much more expensive. You won’t believe the price tag that it comes with! The machine costs much lower than the other crepe makers in the market. Can’t believe it? Check the product here.





What can you cook on a crepe maker?

A crepe pan is exceptionally versatile. If you use it wisely, you can cook anything that can be cooked in a frying pan. Crepes, pancakes, bacon, eggs, fried vegetable, tortillas are a few to mention in the list.

Should crepe batter be watery?

Unlike the pancake batter, the crepe batter’s consistency should be thin. That does not mean you will add 2 liters of liquid to the flour! Try to make it moderate so that the crepes are soft.

Can I freeze crepe batter?

Yes, you can. Use the refrigerated crepe batter the next day. And see the magic. Your crepes will be buttery in texture and melt in your mouth.

Final words

Considering all the pros and cons, I guess you have already made your decision. But, let me share my personal experience with this crepe maker. To be honest, I found no difficulty in the crepe machine. It works efficiently. You can make excellent crepes with it. But some of the people say the recipe book has typos. I guess this minor problem can be negotiated. Other than that, the G&M Kitchen Essentials 12 Inch Electric Crepe Maker is worth every penny.