Pompeii Oven

Now we’re going to talk about the Pompeii Oven, a special oven sold by Forno Bravo, one of the top pizza oven sellers in the world…..a business started by Stefano Bravo, who still personally oversees all aspects of it himself. Where does this man find the time? That’s quite a commitment to make, especially when you’ve got hundreds upon hundreds of customers (100,000+, to be more numerically specific). But let’s look more deeply into the Pompeii Oven, one of the top - selling series of ovens that Forno Bravo is proud to make……

First off, this type of pizza oven is great for making dry pizzas of a more traditional, Roman - Italian nature. It’s made using high - temp. mortar, bricks, much insulation, as well as additional supply - store parts found at any basic retailer like Lowe’s, Ace Hardware Store or the Home Depot. Modern Italy notably uses the brick oven design of the traditional Pompeii style pizza oven in many of its outdoor kitchens or homes, businesses and more. It knows what a product like the Pompeii Oven can do, and it believes in its value overall ; what better country to mass  - purchase pizza ovens, right? Italy is where pizza got started, after all, and now, the rest of the world sure is thankful….especially us here in America.

This wood - fired Pompeii Oven is especially useful in cooking up roasts, focaccia, pizza napoletana or even bread, respectively. And one can easily use it for thousands of different recipes (which, by the way, Forno Bravo does offer on its main website ; check it out sometime.). The pizza inside will heat up quite quickly and can even hold the hot temperature it gains, as will the oven itself (which will do so for many hours after it’s finished cooking, which means you can use that heat on anything else that needs it….perhaps to keep those same pizza leftovers warm afterwards, maybe?). It can even properly hold the right amounts of heat to get a 3 - minute pizza going, and many customers already love this. 

Pompeii Ovens have already sold in multiple regions of the world, and recognizing the increasing need for more, Forno Bravo continues to mass - produce new units every single hour so there will always be enough to meet that rising demand. It’s good news to hear, especially for a die - hard pizza rat like myself. My family and I, to be quite honest, can simply not get enough, and that’s a good thing. Pizza to the rescue!!!! 

And to further add, the Pompeii Oven appears to be the right shape and design to fit in just about any place, be it home or business. And 65 million Italians can already attest to this fact. There in Italy, a Pompeii Oven (or another type of Forno Bravo oven, to be even more specific) is as commonly known as Peyton Manning is here in the U.S., to give an example. Get the picture? 

Moreover, the internal diameters of this specific pizza oven we’re talking about are 36″ and 42″, so take note of that and make the adequate space before purchasing and installing ; account for a little bit of extra room here, when you make the measurements, to ensure that the person loading and unloading the pizzas will have adequate space to move around in and more comfortably work, of course. 

These sizes are slightly adjustable and can easily be modified to meet the need of the homeowner / business owner, but Forno Bravo recommends not going too far past the 42’’, since most properties’ cooking requirements will not allow for much larger than that. But for more specific details on that, see the Forno Bravo website. In addition, you can also build your own Pompeii Oven using DIY materials, or you can even hire an expert to get it done for you. There’s many ways to get that oven in your location. 

What are some of the benefits of having an oven like this one? Well, we are glad you asked, and the first is outdoor comfort ; if course, if it’s beautiful, warm summertime and you wish to be able to enjoy that fresh pizza with your friends or family outside, then having this type of oven installed in any outdoor kitchen or properly permitting backyard will do the trick. People get tired of eating at the same old table, every single day, indoors…..and that’s not an insult to your regular dining table and kitchen area, of course, not at all. This type of oven just simply encourages you to ‘mix it up’ every now and then and take things outside, if you can. 

But also, there comes the benefit that you are using a wood - fired product, be it through gas or wood itself, of course. And that means you can cook that pizza on a stone, with wood, and get a greater flavor in the final result….your pizza can even offer a refreshing taste resembling whatever type, or ‘flavor’, of wood that you have decided to cook it on. For instance, there’s hardwood coming in oak, apple, cherry, hickory, maple or ash ; there’s also alder, apricot, peach, mesquite, plum, and all sorts of other types of wood - cooking flavors. This means that, if you want a pizza that’s more organically wholesome, as well, getting cooked in fresh wood and flame (rather than grease and a harmful - radiation microwave), then this is the way to go. 

You also get a pizza that heats up quickly. The Pompeii Oven, as we briefly noted, can get the same heat - up speeds that any other conventional machine can get, but it includes another benefit to it as well, which is that it stays hot for longer. Think about it. Microwaves cool down within 20 minutes of heating ; even some ‘regular ovens’ do so within an hour. But ovens like the Pompeii Oven retain their heat for many hours.  

Try out a Pompeii Oven. Save up the money. You will love what you get. It’ll change ‘pizza dining’ for you…..