What Kind of Fuel do Fondue Pots Use?

Author : Efrain E. Silva

So, friend, you now mean to tell me that you share the very same passions for food as I do — and no less with cooking, as well? You love fondue dinners and special ways to make your meal a great treat for your spouse and children? Well, good, then. That means you are going to truly LOVE what this page is about. Its aim, all in all, is to educate you just a little more on your favorite fondue pot and what kind of FUEL really gets it going…..or did you know already?

If you are a true fondue fan, then you might have already known that butane is the main type of fuel it runs off of ; it is the central catalyst keeping most fondue pots going strong. And whether you are using high heat, medium heat, or low heat, regardless, you are more than likely using butane behind it all. Thank you, butane, for powering up my fondue pot and keeping your fuel going strong!

Now, also, you know how the small flame burns under the pot, after you have properly flipped on that switch? Well, that is butane at work, friend, and it’s a beautiful thing. Now that I think of it, the rich taste of something that’s been cooked properly in a fondue pot is actually quite unique and like nothing else. I have, as a matter of fact, been to so many different kinds of catered events and banquets in my young lifetime, everything from conferences to work gigs to student networking events to local socials, and have noticed that in many of these cases, fondue pots (with that nice little butane flame kicking in underneath) are what are being used. And the taste and richness of the food itself has yet to disappoint me —- in fact, I do not think it ever will. I have only had good experiences here. Heck, my mom even has a fondue pot that runs off butane fuel sitting at home in the top corner of her kitchen cabinet, which she only pulls out during holiday get - togethers like Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve dinners. She never uses it any other time that I’ve noticed but certainly pulls it out any time one of these two special holidays pops up and she invites me over for a bite (or maybe more than that).

People also, as a side note, use gas fuel in fondue pots. This is a bit more rare. What they do is buy small tins of sterno and just begin cooking that oil / broth right on the main stove before then transferring right over to the pot. That fondue pot still sees some action in this process. It gets to work and finishes the job!

Some also use alcohol — yes, that’s right, alcohol — as their fondue fuel. They can use it for any heat setting. Denatured, or even isopropyl, alcohol, is the way to go. That’s ONE more way of doing things, another type of fuel that works nicely. But butane is still the top choice!