What is the Best Burger Press?

Author : Efrain E. Silva

You want to know which is the best around? Well, of course you do, now! That is why you came to the blog page JUST FOR THIS. I’ve talked about many things in other blog pages but NOW we get to tackle the difficult question of which is the best and what makes it so. Are you ready to have some fun? Keep reading.

When choosing a burger press to join your home, and hopefully stay with you for a long time to come, it’s important to stop and mull over some key factors like the material it’s made of, with aluminum tending to be the best in that sense. But it can be made of several materials, collectively, or even one solid main material, and these can include the following as usually seen : iron, plastic, certain other PE (food - grade), etc. Now, ask yourself this : Is the item’s material also non - stick or not? This is so super crucial and many do not even know it….if it is a non - stick material, for instance, that just implies that you can more easily plop that patty off the press when it’s time for both to split ways, heh heh. No mess or fuss…the two can more easily be separated, and this saves you time and effort, not having to clean up a blob of leftover patty that dried up and is now stuck to the press. And you certainly won’t have to scrub away to get it off.

You also want to think about patty size when it comes to choosing your press : Patties, like people, come in all shapes, sizes and colors, respectfully. Which press is the best fit for the patties you want to use? Weight, diameter, thickness, it all makes a difference here, more than you might think.

You also want to look for something dishwasher - safe and hopefully with a warranty of at least two good years. For that reason, I do not suggest getting a used burger press. But of course, some people’s wallets are in a pinch and can’t afford something new, in many cases. Get what you can.

Now, many agree as I believe (great minds thinking alike here, I guess, he he heh) that the Weston Burger Express Burger Press makes the best burger press. It’s held up so well in the latest reviews and is a sensation in the online world. Thousands of online shoppers have already looked at it and bought at least one unit for their home (several more are even looking at one right now as we speak).

This burger press holds repeatedly good reviews from a heaping ton of different sources. Some consider it one of the best, in the top 20, but not the top choice. I prefer it as the # 1 best, in my opinion. It’s simple, cheap, does a quick single patty of a solid 4 ½ inches and is visually attractive. It’s simplistic and not too gadgety as more presses should be! And it meets nearly all the standards I mentioned, which you should look for in a burger press….