Compact Espresso Machine: How To Make Cappuccino

Author : Efrain S.

To get started here, my friends, all that you really need to buy is some milk and some coffee, in addition to your machine, of course. Now, then, first off, you want to have a nice steamed milk container (whoopsie, I guess I forgot to add that one to your list, he he heh heh). And with this container, you are going to want to go 2 / 3 full. Almost up to the top.

Now most, if not all, compact espresso machines have a spinner, which is where you are now going to want to submerge your milk underneath to get the process going….and then turn things on to your settings chosen, let the milk steam up nicely and smoothly, and you will see it eventually start to get frothy (and warm, as well, if you just touch any one of the outer edges of the machine). If you want the right consistency and overall final taste, of which only you can be the judge, he heh, then do not leave the room as things are a’ brewin…ha ha. Stay until you feel things looking just right, and in some cases, you can stop things early and take the cup out and see if the coffee is just the way you like….or you can let it finish, if you like the full froth sort of thing. Like I said, though, up to you and your taste buds.

The next part will carry some importance to it as well, more or less — remember to turn off your machine before actually pulling out or removing the cup. Make sure your wand and its surrounding area are nice and clean – ish before you then fill up the coffee container carefully, and you want to go just slightly over half – fill (like 2 / 3 full is fine). Push it down and flatten it (depending on your model, but not too lightly). Load up your machine. Line your cup. Turn things on. And get ready to hear the rumble of delicious coffee coming your way!

By the way, it is always good to top things off with some milk and foam…just an extra give – away here. Take my advice : This type of coffee is so much better (and some claim they literally can’t live without it, he he he heh, my spouse and younger brother being two of those people, no joke).

Usually, in most cases, when the coffee starts to actually look like a cappuccino (and smell like one, he he heh), you know that it is time. Or just about time. And the coffee is about to hit your mouth soon! You can also tell when it is quite — how shall I say it? —- froth – like (or frothy, he he heh).

We sure hope you will try this approach on your next cappuccino ‘at home’ morning run. It only takes a few quick seconds to make and prepare. And in moments, you’re at the door and ready for the day!