Rules Of Engorgement Tacos De Cabeza

Author : Efrain S.

Tacos de cabeza, you may or may not know, translates to “head tacos”. But don’t worry. They don’t chop heads or anything to make them, he heh….as far as I know, all Mexican food is non – cannibal – related, he he heh. And these tacos are BOMB – DELICIOUS!

There is a nice little spot in Phoenix, AZ where I like to go when I travel near the area and stay close to the historic Four Corners. It is a small cafe known only as the amazing, the exquisite, the affordable…. LA SALSITA!!! CHECK OUT that Mexican restaurant if you are ever in or around PHOENIX, will ya? It will be so worth your time, and you will walk out with no longer an empty stomach, ha ha. In fact, when you walk out, you may need help to your car from all that delicious eating ( and perhaps some help un – zipping a pant button or two, he he he heh ) …..

Now, at this place, tacos only cost $1. Yes!!!! One frickin dollar!!! You read it right.

And the best part about the whole frickin’ enchilada ( or should I SAY taco? He he he heh ) is, I think, this —- this place is open at 2 am. And it’s got quite a line – up of people both at the door and as far back as a whole block away, sometimes. This small shack of a restaurant sure knows how to keep its people coming and how to keep them happy, to say no less. Whatever its business model is, you can be sure it’s a good one, by the way the sales of these $1 tacos are going, the word – of – mouth and social media marketing that covers Phoenix, and, of course, the way that people from outside AZ are now flocking in just to try these tacos. Word up!

The Salsitas tacos, by the way, are also a must – try if you are ever there. So give them a shot. And now, it’s confession time…..

I did say ( Remember when I said it? Or just Re – read that first paragraph, he he he heh…. ) that no human heads were chopped off to make this taco. But is IS made of heads, no less. But they’re COW heads, full of rich protein and nutrition. Mooh!!!!

So if you are a vegetarian or more health – eco – conscious on that level, then this may not be the meal for you. And that is okay. In that case, a meatless, Salsitas sort of taco may be right for you instead. And this small place, like I said, sure knows how to serve them up! ( Yes, even if you should so happen to get a crazy hunger craving as late as at 2 in the morning….which some of us do from time to time, me included in that group, he heh he heh hehhh ) . So give this place a go!