Electric Crepe Maker - StarBlue

What happens if you see fluffy pancakes with maple or raspberry syrup spread over them? Or, imagine golden brown crepes with sliced strawberries on top of it. It will be tough for you to control yourself.

But, taking a bite and finding the crepes to be dry will not let you enjoy your dish. You control your appetite just because of the imperfect breakfast.

Who says you have to refrain yourself? With machines like the StarBlue Electric Crepe Maker, you can get your crepes perfectly done in no time.

But, as you already know, no product is entirely flawless. This particular crepe maker also provides you with some minor cons. But let’s first focus on what features it has to offer us.

Features of StarBlue Electric Crepe Maker

Large cooking plate

You will have to buy a crepe maker that is optimal for family usage. Smaller plates do not let you make perfect-sized crepes. And for this reason, the StarBlue Electric Crepe Maker should be your choice.

It provides you with a 12 inches large cooking plate and lets you cook delicious crepes or pancakes for your family. Besides, the larger space helps you in folding and flipping the crepes.

Excellent material

Often, we see crepe pans that come with material that cannot support heat. Over time, it becomes harmful for cooking.

But my personal experience with this crepe maker is not such. It comes with a premium quality supportive non-stick cooking plate. Hence, it heats quickly, and you can make the crepes in no time.

The high-quality food-grade aluminum plate makes it easier and safer to use. Henceforth, you don’t need to stress over its durability. The result, in the long run, will indeed blow your mind.

Adjustable thermostat

This is one of the excellent features of this particular machine. The crepe maker provides you with a 1000 watt plate for high power output. With this feature, you can cook the crepes in minimal time.

Also, the machine comes with a regulator with which you can control the temperature of the plate. So, making crepes, pancakes, tortillas, and dosas is now as easy as pie.

Separate on/off button

This feature is my personal favorite. Unlike other crepe makers on the market, this crepe maker provides a separate on and off button. I often forget to remove the adaptor of the crepe maker from the plug point. Therefore, there is always a risk of leaving the machine plugged in.

Thankfully, the StarBlue Electric Crepe Maker comes with distinctive on and off buttons for safety. You can keep it plugged in and switch it on or off according to your needs.

Tools in the box

The manufacturer of this particular machine has kept in mind the tools that can be useful for you. The package includes one wooden spatula and a wooden spreader. The batter spreader helps you to spread the batter evenly for an excellent crepe. And with the long wooden spatula, you can flip or fold your crepes.

The recipe book

Let’s agree on one fact that we love to try new dishes every day. And the same crepes can make our eating experience monotonous. You will be finding new recipes for sure, isn’t it?

Surprise! The StarBlue Electric Crepe Maker package includes a fantastic recipe book that contains more than twenty recipes. You can cook several mouth-watering dishes for yourself and your family. Making fruit salsa crepe, chocolate amaretto crepe, hazelnut crepes, and many other types of crepes is now not rocket science.


If I consider a low to moderate budget for a multipurpose crepe maker, this crepe maker would be my preference. It comes in a pretty low price tag. And considering all the features mentioned above, the machine is worth every penny.

Key features:




How do you clean an electric crepe maker?

Cleaning and maintenance are mandatory for the long running of the appliance. But all the appliances have a different cleaning schedule. Similarly, the crepe pans also need some sort of cleaning. First, let it cool down. Then scrape the griddle surface with an abrasive stone. Rinse off the dirt and dry it with a clean towel.

How do you know when a crepe is done?

Flipping is necessary while making a crepe. Now, when you are done with one side, and the golden brown color appears, you should flip it. The other side takes almost half of the time as the other side. When you see the golden brown colors appearing on the other side as well, you should know that the crepe is ready.

How long do you let the crepe batter sit?

You should at least have one hour to refrigerate the crepe batter. Some people make the batter in the night and let it sit overnight. If you let your batter sit for more time, you will enjoy spongy and perfect crepes.

Final words

I guess you have already decided whether to bring the StarBlue Electric Crepe Maker to your place or not. Well, in the final section, I will share my personal opinion on that.

The StarBlue Electric Crepe Maker provides us with many features. It comes with a premium quality non-stick aluminum pan, heat controlling knob, and separate on and off switches. Moreover, the moderate budget adds an extra feather to its cap.

But the company does not provide you with a warranty. Honestly speaking, that did not appear to be a con to me because of the crepe maker’s smooth operation. But, if you are concerned with the warranty, you should reconsider buying this product. Otherwise, this can be labeled as one of the best crepe makers on the market.