Best Pizza Oven For A Bar

Author : Efrain S.

Can you say, “oohhhhh”? Or how about add a syllable and make it, “ooni???” He heh, that is what we are going to be talking about today, my ladies and germs ( or gents, he he he heh, just having some fun with you as that is the best way to start off a good blog like this ) …..

And speaking of ‘best’, by the way, since I mentioned the kitchen brand of Ooni, it is, by far, the best type of pizza oven you can get for your bar, sports bar or pub, tavern, restaurant sort of business for so many good reasons in and of itself alone. Many online would not disagree there as this is the most convenient and easy to use of the many there are, countless others across the web also calling it the best pizza oven for any bar. So with that said, what would you know?

Well, first off, know that it costs about $600 and that is just before you put in sales tax, shipping, and all that fun jazz…. so open up your wallet or start saving up big. You can buy it online directly from the Ooni store, or if you like, straight off of Williams – Sonoma online, as well, just the way I ordered it. Either way, it will cost the same around both sites ( though Williams – Sonoma does seem to take the cost off of shipping and handling a bit lower if you buy more with them, and they constantly offer coupons and discounts in other ways, so you might save a holy buck or two if you get it through them, he he he heh heh ) . The coolest thing in my book, as I like to say, about the Ooni pizza oven ( or as they call it, officially, the “Ooni Pro” pizza oven, he heh ) is that it can do different pellets. So whether you are using charcoal pellets when you bake the pizza in, or perhaps are using gas or wood pellets, it can handle.

They call this is the BIG – GEST pizza oven around, at least for bar settings and sports bar venues ( not to even mention the most versatile, for such functions, as well ) . Multiple Buffalo Wild Wings, a Drunk Tom’s, and several other bars or sports bars I have seen around town have, as a matter of fact, installed and freely used a pizza oven just like this ( if not this one itself, he he heh, who knows? ) ….. 16 – inch diameter pizzas are as big as it can go, and that is pretty whopping huge, if you ask anyone. All pizza lovers will agree.

A small side note, and a bummer, for some, is that you have to buy each and every one of the add – ons or other attachments, separately …. that is, if you really want to make the best use of this item.