Best Pans For Cooking Fish

Written By A Special Writer : Your One and Only, Amazing, Awesomely Unique FOOD Expert and Guru….. Mr. Efrain E. Silva! ( Woot Woot! )

Are you a fish fanatic, especially on a nice, hot summer day when the fish are out? Picture this : You caught the right one and are now sitting down to cook and prepare it, wondering what kind of pan might be the best… in order to make your meal the best. Right? Sounds like a plan? Well, you want to know the truth, and I sure want to share it, so I think the best thing for us to do here is for me to type up some insight below on the page and for you to just eye – ball and read. Please read the full page…..

Now, then, first of all, thank you for your attention on this matter — and I would like to simply just start out here by pointing the very basic fact that my all – time fave is the Skylight one here —- Lodge 12 Inch Square Cast Iron Grill Pan. Ribbed 12-Inch Square Cast Iron Grill Pan with Dual Handles ( affiliate link )

So check it out ; it is made of carbon – steel, it sells so fast ( that the stock availability for it literally fluctuates every month, but the seller always comes around and promises that he will have more to buy from soon, he he he he heh…. business is good here, I can tell ) , and it is one of the best around, as many have said. It is an 11 – inch pan with dimensions of 11.34 x 11.26 x 2.52 inches, respectively.

And guess what else it can do? Can it fly? Nope. Shoot lasers? Nah. Disappear? You wish.

No, no, and no…. but it CAN sure cook up a mean tilapia, or heck, even a seared salmon… if that’s more of your thing. And guess what? It does not stick. It’s non – stick, ha hah!

Guess another one I like? Well, here you go… try this one out for size, as some like to say — Lodge Cast Iron Grill Pan, Square, 10.5 Inch (affiliate link)

And it cooks up any fish nicely with those sort of “grill mark indents” it has at the bottom. Can you see them? Zoom in on the Amazon image and you will see for yourself. This helps the fish cook faster and more deeply, too. It’s harder to leave things “uncooked or raw”, you might say. Just remember to check that it has cooked for long enough and is hot enough, when you are done…. very crucial to remember to do.

Well, you will like what you buy! It’s that simple. Check out these two top = rated pans.