Weber Jumbo Joe 18 Portable Charcoal Grill

Author : Efrain Silva

Time to bring out the US Flag, slice up some watermelon, go outside and really celebrate the good life, thankful for all we do have and can do, even in this crisis. It is time to do some grilling, and even though (depending on your state’s laws) we have to keep certain gatherings to a minimum, at this critical time in the future of our history, for our own global survival, we can still be cautious and make it a fun summer to remember in whatever ways we can. For me and my home, that includes some grilling, and it is (thankfully) more than allowed in the apartment community that I live in. We can grill on our patios and balconies to our heart’s content and even have company over (within reason, and practicing all CDC guidelines).

So let’s make it count : One particular grill that has offered me a few good summer moments already, this year, has been this one by Weber. It gives you a good 18 inches of space all around for you to cook and prep with, even some room on the side for holding what has already been cooked apart from what is still cooking, and that is one of the things that I admire the most about it. This kind of product is one for the simpler griller — not too fancy, with many perks, buttons, colors, etc., but it gets the job done and well. I like using it for when I wish to have something cooked up rather fast and eat it outside on my balcony.

Like I said, it looks as simple as it actually is —- it comes in just one color of black and is easy to move, since it’s not weighed down by a ton of features, handles, buttons, etc. This is simple for those who like simple. And I love it, especially on certain days when I may be in a more somber mood myself. “Savor the moment” is the slogan that Weber uses with this product and has used before with other products, and it is all about that —- true statement and no better message here.

Did you know this —- it has an aluminum ash catcher with it, so that is super convenient and helps us all keep things clean and orderly, too. And not only that, but there is also this to remember : This product has got one of the best cooking grates, front and center, all of plated steel. It looks nice, especially when you first see it, and also can last you well, making it both durable and eye - catching. The bowl and lid are both porcelain - enameled, I might add, something many people may have missed when buying it ; I love that feature as well. It’s good material and visual appeal, all around, on this product! Give it a try this summer, my friend : You will have one heck of a riveting good time.