Lem Hamburger Press

Author : Efrain E. Silva

Ahoy! We sail to the burger press, made by the LEM store and sold right at Amazon and other hot spots on the web. For since we go there, there be many a treasure to find and many a booty to procure for ourselves, and many a fellow pirate to slay, meh he heh….

All right, enough pirate talk. Let’s get serious. You wanted to know more about this type of burger press and some of its ins & outs, right? I’m guessing that’s why your eyes are glued to this page, so let me assure you that is what we are going to get into…..

I want you to notice, first off, that, among other things that stand out in this press, it is by far one of the very easiest to clean on. You don’t make a mess, it’s hard to scratch its aluminum material, and if you spray polish it with a nice home cleaner solution from time to time (any should work fine, just pick a well - known brand label that is all - purpose for cleaning stuff around the home), it’ll even shine. And aluminum, once it shines, really shows forth. It’ll look like you got a very expensive, silver - plated sort of fancy burger press when, in fact, you got a great one that only cost you $50 plus shipping (order online, if possible, and avoid long lines in stores).

This burger press is also fully adjustable in many ways and suits the needs of many sizes and ranges of kitchens, all in all, but the best part is this : It is made of 100 % non - stick material. Yup, no worries about scrubbing hard after a good holiday meal with a few folks over (with social distancing in place, of course, unless you are reading this after COVID - 19 vaccines have been widely handed out and the pandemic is no more). Not only that, but this should just about blow your biscuits (or should I say burgers) : You can do anywhere from 1 / 4 of an inch to a full inch with this press! It’s got great thickness, if you think about it.

And your final patty will be 4 & 3 / 8 inches in diameter. Not bad, right? Not bad, not bad, not bad…..

There is just a bit more for us to check out — starting with the fact that it only weighs 1.54 lbs. That’s pretty light for a burger press, as opposed to bigger and more heavy / bulkier ones that are harder to transport / not portable. This one moves around with you in a jiffy. Take it wherever!

You can find it in the “Mens Kitchen / Cooking” section if you order online like at Amazon. That’s an interesting place to categorize it. I guess it tells you, ladies, all you should know about what your men like : pressing patties with style! And grilling outdoors, of course. Those two things we can’t live without, truth be told.