Rice Cooker How To Cook Rice

Author: Efrain Silva

Hi guys! Before I get into the topic of the hour, you want to learn a little spanish? Put this into Google Translate when you get a moment. It was a conversation I texted my dad on, basically asking how to mix things up and if he wanted some writing from me :

I asked him how to cook rice, before that, and he replied, “Claro mi santo! Estoy leyendo mucho sobre nutrición, natural sobretodo. Si pudiéramos hablar mañana sería bueno. Iré al Chiropractic mañana temprano y luego, DIOS Mediante, estaré en GCC. TQM. Con amor, Papá.-”

Then I wrote, “ Oh gracias! te escribo uno de 300 palabras por $20? yo hago todo el research…sobre que tema quieres? estoy tan bajo en ordenes que estoy pidiendo a todos los que conozco…pero mucho mas barato para friends and family, por supuesto ” .

Put that into a translator yet? You should. Now you know what it means, and what we talked about, he he he.

AND THE REASON I SHARE ALL OF THAT, is simply because it ties into this —- cooking rice well in a rice cooker, not to mention writing to you on it, IS fun and something I want to share with you! So yes, ha! There IS a method to my madness, after all. And I’m mixin’ up my style so I can keep you, my true and faithful readers of many blogs, not only educated on the topic but also entertained in a new and fresh way.

It’s fun because it’s so dang easy : All you do is match up a cup or rice per each cup of water you’ll use and do not fill the cooker’s pot to the very top. Leave about the last line – marker empty to allow some steam to come out and not put too much pressure on the machine. Get a rice scooper, if you have one, and put in the scoops of rice first. Then drop in the water til it fills the line you want, by measure in the pot. Do not put in too much water or too much rice, which is why I say 1 scoop water for 1 scoop rice, to keep things evened up.

Close the lid, of course. Now, choose the setting. There’s usually one for each kind of rice ( brown, white, etc. ) .

And since I can come up with just about any kind of joke, story, lesson or more on what I write to you, why not have some fun, right? So expect some more of this kind of witty thought from me, and personal sharing, as I come up with more great blog posts in 2021! New year, new me, new writing style, and hopefully, new people to read as well ( but without losing the old, he he he heh ) . This has been Efrain once again, and I hope you got some joy from another great read! Peace out.