Rice Cooker How To Boil Water

Author: Efrain Silva

I like to play video games, as some of my video game blog readers will already tell you without any denial. But did you know I also like to get into other topics in my many blog posts, such as this one I am going to share with you all about ??????

Now, this gets better and better, or hopefully, more and more interesting….so do not do yourself the bad dis - favor of stopping here. No, no….keep reading. You will like what you find in my page right here, and maybe you may like it so much your heart will even stop ( not literally, but with excitement at having been taught a thing you did not know, he he heh hehe ) . I would, as a matter of fact, be doing all of you a very, very, very terrible dis - service in keeping you bored as you read my blogs, now, would I not? And that is never the aim here —- this is not, after all, Mr. Wersheimer’s ancient history class ( or whichever boring ancient history teacher you had back in high school, he heh ) , so you should not get ready to snore. In fact, on the very opposite note, prepare to hang on the very edge of your seat for this wild ride of knowledge, and I intend to talk to you on the boiling of water in your rice cooker.

What is the very first thought that pops into the head of any person that might hear this? Well, I think it might be something like “boring” or “easy”. Am I right or wrong there? Who knows? Maybe you had a different thought instead of that, and that is why they say each mind holds a different set of values. Now anyways, as it regards the amazing topic mentioned, know first that this is not so easy if you are not careful. So let me share some valuable tips….

Take out debris from the inside of your cooker’s pot before pouring water in. Cleanliness is key. You want clean boiling water, first.

Then, fill up only to 3 / 4 of the pot with water, max. Do not go over as this can cause all kinds of hazards. You need that extra little room at the top, anyways, to make sure nothing spills over and to allow for a little steam to build up ( which, believe me, it will ) . Put it on a regular 20 – minute rice setting. And when done, let cool before pouring out.

So at the end of the day, if you find yourself now at this sentence and at the bottom of the page, it means you made it through and awake ( or at least partially awake, but I hope I did not put you to sleep at any point in the process, he he heh hehe, or shame on me ) . You did it. Thanks for reading this!