How do You Clean a Burger Press?

Author : Efrain E. Silva

How? Well, the key here is to first unscrew things, meaning (in most cases) that locking wing nut and top knob you tend to see on most models. Make sure not to drop or lose that adjustment screw as you will later need it, should you choose to re - assemble things. Find your adjustment screw, along with your adjustment plate, and carefully remove both from your burger press’s lid ; how do you do so? Well, by very carefully (I repeat for emphasis) unscrewing them while preparing to catch any falling parts so they don’t get lost on the ground or fall into a hole somewhere.

Now comes the fun part, where we get to wash each and every single one of these pieces, both big and small, bit by bit and part by part, as they say. Or you can choose which ones to clean or wash, of course, some looking dirtier or rustier / more dented than others. (Don’t wash screws or bolts, if you can just replace them out for ones of the same size, of course.) Keep in mind that, in most burger press model types, with a few exceptions, we usually have the top knob first, right at the top (hence the name, I guess), with the locking wing nut right under it (the main one), with the adjustment screw right under that. Then, just a little lower, we can usually see the top itself, with the adjustment plate on the ring of the inside, and the adjustor for patty thickness. Then right underneath that, there is usually a base plate, the part that tends to get the dirtiest (right under where the patty or burger lies, of course…yuck).

This is, naturally, the part that tends to be the dirties of all and requires the deepest scrub. Now, BEFORE you start to spray or wipe or scrub down with any all - purpose cleaning solution, I did forget to mention that you should first UNPLUG the burger press from the wall and make sure its electric parts do not get near any water sources. This, of course, just helps preserve your machine a little more. Got to be extra careful these days, right?

If you’re like me, you’ll want to use an organic baking soda type of solution that doesn’t create too strong a smell (such as Oxy - Clean tends to do, after you spray it down from a bottle). But that part is entirely up to your preference ; some don’t mind a smell but others have a more sensitive nose and wish to avoid a toxic scent filling the air / room for the next few moments. I, for that reason alone, tend to go with something more organic and toxic - free, not to mention something a little more eco - friendly, all in all….what can I say? I care about our earth and our home.

Warm, soapy water is what you’ll want to use, as well, on all parts. Hand - wash those you can. Rinse.