Pizza Dough Baller

Author : Efrain Silva

A pizza dough baller, otherwise known as a pizza dough rounder, does just what it says in its mere name : It takes small balls of dough (pizza or otherwise) and forms them into little balls. This type of machine is made to work in a way that is fast and efficient all at the same time, making the process easy and quick for the user, and saving them mental hassle. Let’s talk about one specific pizza dough baller that everyone can not stop talking about.

It has delivered good results on so many different levels and is one outstanding item you can buy for your house, or even for your restaurant. It is known as the Somerset SDD-450. “Fast, Efficient, Compact” is the slogan that Somerset, its brand maker, uses when referencing it. This dough baller is a great one (big understatement), perhaps the best you can see online today.

It is quite durable and dependent, to say the very least, making it also a great one to have around when the need comes for fast production in a timely manner (such as when working in a restaurant and the customers are lined up from front to back, and many are ordering rapid orders that need to get out quickly). It’s got a hopper capacity of 75 lbs., and its full weight is 270 lbs., nearly the weight of 3 medium - sized children or young teenagers, respectively. And it may take at least 3 people to carry it up or down a flight of stairs.

Its production rate is no less than truly worth my while, as well, since it can crank out (at the very most, in its best moments) a full 2,000 balls in a single hour. That is right — push hard and fast, and you can get 2,000 pieces out in just 60 minutes. Imagine how much faster your eatery or dine - in restaurant can get its plates out using this baller? How many could it make in, say, a full 12 - hour day?

In that case, we are looking at around 16,000 pizza balls! That’s insane. And that may be just what some need in order to really crank out some sales, hit those goals, and suck on a good profit, at the end of the day.

The standard voltage this pizza dough baller works best at, ideally, is one of 115V AC. But there is also the option of going to 220V AC. And did you know this baller is one of the easiest to clean out on the market? Indeed, that alone is why thousands of business owners have invested in it already, since it saves their crew of any additional cleaning efforts required after a long day’s work. This product even markets itself solely as one of the easiest to clean.

The displays and controls on it are easy to get to. They’re all digital and well labeled. Read your instruction manual, if getting one.