Rice Cooker How Long To Cook

Author: Efrain Silva

Power to the reader! ( You have likely heard the term, maybe a time or two, or several, I’m sure ) . And like the saying, “ power to the player! ” , I bestow upon you, in this blog piece, the power to read, to be persuaded, and more importantly, to be entertained and have some fun. NOW, what kind of fun topic do I get to un - load on you today, you might wonder ( if you have skipped reading the headline or title, which I doubt, ha ha ) ? Well, none other than that of rice cooker cooking length.

And I hope to get your veins throbbing and your heart pounding, and not stopping, until you have read the last tiddle, paragraph, word, bit, or dot ( you get the point, I am sure ) of what you are about to read. Like a hungry man licks his fingers after finishing up a juicy burger on his plate ( especially one that has been fine - pressed using a patty press, which I talk about in other blogs I’ve come up with, he he he heh ) , I want you to lick up every word on this piece. Read the whole blog and read it again. It’s just that finger - lickin’ awesome….yum…..knowledge. Eat it up.

Now in saying all this, I hope I have not scared you away ( it’s not even Halloween ) . I hope you are still reading, and if you are, do so for the next few minutes. I am going to share with you the first fact, which will keep your attention here, and is that most modern rice cookers auto – turn – off.

Now with that said, for par – boiled rice, it’s usually 25 minutes. For anything whole – grain, you are looking at closer to 40. And for something like brown rice, it usually takes longer, 9 times out of 10, looking at about 50 minutes or a little over.

Next up on the agenda, I would like to also follow - up on that last vital point and share with you that it depends on the amount of rice ( one cup of heavily – saturated, thick, grain rice can take a lot longer to cook than 2 cups of regular enriched rice, per instance ) .

So thanks for stickin it out! Thanks for hearing me here. Thanks for sharing what you have learned here, and if you’ve already got a person next to you on your computer or phone who is now reading this blog as well.

I sincerely hope you have devoured every single word of this intriguing blog internet post and that you will not click away to any other site ( or at least not for the next couple of hours or so ) as we have got many other great ones here. Just click on the side tab and any other title that should dare to catch your attention.