Which Weber Grill is the Best for the Money?

Author : Efrain Silva

Do you want to have yourself a seriously smoking good time with your siblings, your parents, your children, your spouse or other significant other, your best friends, (even a few fre - nemies you’ve invited over, as well), your boss, and anyone else you seek to please on that list? Is this going to be, despite all the circumstances, one of the best grilling summers you will ever have to look back on, with pride and joy? Then perhaps you already know that Weber grills are a great way to go in making such a dream come true, especially in this lock - down type of summer we are all in, this year.

And what about which kind of Weber grill can give you the most run for your money, bang for your buck, and ultimately satisfying ROI? Which grill has surpassed the test and will not cost you an arm and leg in cash or credit but will also give you the most fun and flavor you can have, something that will be well worth what you paid, ideally, for a few more years to come? Well, in this written blog piece, we are going to see a few that you can think about and let you decide, as the final buyer….what do ya think?

Let’s get right to it, folks — the first to consider being the Summit S - 470, a grill that stands tall in its own circle of respect, and for many reasons, that is. First of all, it’s a quality - made gas grill that can get you nearly 49,000 in BTU. It is highly durable and goes on and off, on and off, and on and off again, for many summers. It has stood the test of time, in this sense.

It can rotisserie. It can grill. And it can smoke. You paid to get all these great options. Pick your settings and flame on.

We also have another great pick for your money, the 45010001 Spirit II, another solid one Weber is especially proud to have given birth to. It is a 3 - burner type of grill, which many dads like myself really come to get a nice kick out of, in addition to the fact that it’s an easy - to - use liquid propane grilling product. You can rock it out at around 30,000 BTU per hour, if you’re really up for it, and the vegetables, meats, or other edibles you roast on top of this bad boy will surely come out and nice and flavorful (assuming you have taken the time to get the right sauce at the store, and also throw in the best spices you’ve got around in the house, heh heh).

Furthermore, it’s got its own built - in lid thermometer and is one of the best ROI Weber grills you can have. In fact, my friend has used it over and over again and still gets value out of it, just as the first time he bought it. This thing lasts.