What Cheese Goes with Moscato Wine?

Author : Efrain Silva

Want to pair up some cheese and wine, sit back and enjoy a pleasant weekend evening to celebrate surviving a long week of work? I have just the thing for you, pal : Get some Moscato wine, or if you already have some, think about some great cheeses that can go with it. And that happens to be what we’ll talk about here, heh heh…..

Fruited White Stilton Cheese, for one, is an excellent choice (making the fruits of apricots or cranberries, as my two personal favorites here) and a very growingly popular one as well. This Stilton type of cheese is very mild and pairs well with apricots and peaches, not to mention Moscato wine.

Goat cheese is another great choice for a pairing, one that you can’t miss, a match ‘made in heaven’ as some say. It’s a soft, pleasant cheese and doesn’t add way too much flavor here but just the right, subtle amount. And what’s more —- if you have a heck of a high - quality Moscato wine to go along with it, you are in the right place to be. Just keep in mind that in many cases, goat cheese has herbs in it, some of which may or may not blend well. If rosemary just so happens to be one of those herbs, then you are in for a treat ; that is a good pairing right there.

You can also get some Pepper Jack to go in nicely against your Moscato : Try it. Since this cheese tends to be on the slightly spicier scale of things, you would be best off to pair it with a rather sweet form of Moscato. If this white wine is sweet, while the Pepper Jack is nice and zesty, then you’ve got another great match right there!

Muenster, on that note, is similar to Pepper Jack in some respects (some members of the cheese community would certainly not take offense to that statement, heh heh, at least not too much). It is a spicy and flavorful cheese. It also, as such, goes quite well with Moscato that is sweet.

Muenster cheese, by the way, is also called Munster by some ; it depends on which country you are in on how they call it. This type of cheese came from France, originally. And did you know that, by the way, it’s the most preferred option, according to many? Yes, of these ones I’ve mentioned, to pair up with your Moscato, many prefer to use Muenster as the perfect partner….interesting, right?

I wonder why that is as I myself do not quite agree. Yet each mind is its own planet and holds its own range of values and opinions, I suppose. My favorite, in fact, is the White Stilton, the first one I mentioned.

I like fruity cheese, but I guess I’m just a fruity guy (no puns intended there, heh heh heh). But all joking aside, these are all great options to consider. Give them a glance and see.