Air Fryer to Dehydrate Fruit

Author : Efrain Silva

Who doesn’t love a good dehydrated mango, or perhaps even a group of them, along with some dried up peaches and apple slices, am I right? That is why I suggest trying out the idea of an air fryer for such a purpose and time as this. Let it live out its destiny in your kitchen, the very reason it was made to exist! Be the owner and master of such a kitchen product, if you are not already, and I will now share with you some more jewels of truth to think about on the matter….

So first of all, know that an air fryer can serve this purpose without damaging itself. It is made to be able to do so perfectly, as one of its many functions. So do not listen to all the hype from certain online users who say that it cannot be done — it can and should be, and the fruit that comes out as a result is no less than delicious and nutritious as well.

Let’s say you want to mix up a few different fruits, respectively, in this air fryer : For example, get some strawberries, let’s say, six, for argument’s sake. Throw in a mango to your list, too, as well as a kiwi and an apple to mix things up. Heck, why not get a couple bananas as well? Chiquita size bananas work nicely, but you can get any type or size, really.

Make sure to then get a good cutting knife and board out from your kitchen, because it is time to make some thin slices. Peel and slice. Now, where can you stick the fruit? I’ll tell you….

Put it in your air fryer’s basket, of course. Those air fryer baskets / racks live for this very purpose. And now, they get to work for you! So, what you are going to want to do next, then, is to engage the Dehydrate option on your Air Fryer’s oven and let things dry for 4 hours straight. 130°F is the ideal temp setting to leave things at the whole time.

Then, simply go off on your way to work, school, your next task to do at home, or whatever else is pending. Most air fryers, once the job is done, have a way of alerting you that it’s ready to be removed, the fryer racks from the machine. Usually, if it’s a more new and expensive air fryer, it may start beeping as its own means to tell you that the fruit is ready, and the tray or rack may be removed. Be careful to let things cool off as well.

So, that was easy, was it not? Now you can say that you know, with full confidence (and with some practice that you are now about to do), that you know how to use your air fryer to make some great dehydrated fruit. It sure feels good to be able to take that one off the bucket list, right?