Why does McDonald’s Give Me Diarrhea?

Author : Efrain E. Silva

Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, and yes!!!! Friends, we now get to talk to each other (or I should say, I get to talk to you, in this blog) about some of the reasons for why eating fast food, more specifically McDonald’s junk food, gives so many people diarrhea and stomach issues —- this is, I will admit, I topic I have researched for some time and have wanted to share with anyone who would listen. I believe part of that anyone is you (and anyone else you are willing to tell about this blog, as well). Will you listen? Give me your attention for just the next few seconds or couple of minutes as I am about to unveil some things you might find disgustingly shocking but which can also save your health…..

For the very first thing of all, I want to say this : If you have not watched a documentary called “Super - Size Me”, start right there. In fact, if you are free for a couple of hours right now, after you finish reading this blog, find a way to check out that movie and watch all of it. It’s based on a true story of a guy who ate only McDonald’s for 40 straight days and fell into a hell hole of misery, poor health and troubles all over. It was a testimony to the truly horrific and unhealthy junk food that plagues America, and heck, the world (since this franchise now operates in every country and serves billions of burgers daily).

So the fact of the matter is this — highly - processed, GMO - friendly, MSG - rich foods, like the many burgers, shakes, fries (and yes, even salads and so - called ‘organic’ yogurts / parfaits) that this place sells are not made to go into the human body. The body wants to dump them immediately, and it will detox in any way it can….in many cases, through diarrhea or vomiting. In Jordan’s case, it was through both (Jordan was the main character of the documentary, the guy who was brave enough to try this crazy unhealthy diet to the point of where it nearly killed him within 40 days).

Many medical experts have proven that diarrhea itself is a symptom, not a problem in and of its own : It is simply a way that your body is telling you, as it should properly warn you, that you have allowed something to enter it which is not good or healthy…and should not remain there for long. If you want some further reading on this, in full detail, check out another guy (whose name is also Jordan, he he heh), Jordan Rubin, who wrote a stellar book called The Maker’s Diet. In it, he covers all these topics, in addition to the fact that the fast food industry has exploded to billionaire revenue status by means of selling mass amounts of food that requires little effort to prepare, sanitize or even keep healthy. The fast food chain owners care more for their bucks, not our health.