Rice Cooker Hot Pot

Author: Efrain Silva


Let me give you a piece of my mind but in a good way ( do not worry, for I am not about to un - leash a full bowl of wrath down on you on anything…and if you want to read a story in which that happens, read the good ol’ book of Revelation. I love it for its very vivid imagery and symbolisms, which actually help me to paint a picture when I write my own personal blogs, he he he he heh ) . I just wanted to take two secs ( or five minutes, actually, but you know me ) to pick your mind on some factual knowledge about the rice cooker hot pot seen here on eBay.

What should you know about it? What would you want to know? What might you not know? Yup…the quick and easy full deal.

Anyways, to start, it’s electric. Also, have you assessed that it can stew, it can saute, it can slow – cook and so much else? And did you know that it can cook up to twenty cups? So if you’re thinking rice, like I am, then you’re in the right place here. I’ve tried it and made rice for a month, and loved every meal with it. To further add, it’s BPA – free.

And there is also another good fact that you might want to sit down for ( take notes, too, if you’re in the mood for some re - reading later…or just come back to this blog ) : You can even do spicy Chinese food, hot pot style, in the rice cooker or even in a similar one of this kind ( just check out this cool video for more on that —- How to Cook SPICY CHINESE HOTPOT in RICE COOKER! Homemade Hotpot - YouTube() ) .

Last but not least, did you also know that you might want to pressure – cook, when you’re in a hurry and have company coming over for dinner? It can do that in a jiffy as well. It also includes its own mearing cup — how about that?

It’s got a 5.2 Qt. Max capacity — like I said, around 20 cups of rice. So take note on that. It’s got its own LED as well for the display, and you can easily toggle things around in the settings.

So I hope this fun and interesting topic ( or, at least, fun and interesting to me…since I’m very peculiar….but you did click on the tab to read this article, so heh! I’m not alone, I guess ) has shown you something. I really hope you can walk forward in confidence in what you now know and can tell the world about it ( just do not get too cocky or you might end up like Conalcas King, he he heh hehe, or that leprechaun who had his pot of gold stolen when he least expected it ) . I hope you can share! Please do. And go cook some rice!