How to Make Mac and Cheese Without Milk

Author : Efrain Silva

During COVID, a lot of us have been finding ourselves quite low on products at the local grocery store….we search one store, and we can’t find the specific product we’re looking for, and then we end up having to order online, or even find 5-6 other local competitor stores to go to just to find that one product. Thankfully, it’s America and we have an abundance of shopping venues to pick from, though we all (in a perfect world) would ideally prefer to find what we are looking for the first time and not have to look around. In this case, I’m talking about milk — Got milk?

Ever been in one of those annoying situations where you come home late from a long and painful day of work just to find that there’s no milk left in the fridge? And to add misery to tragedy, you painfully hop back in your car, turn it on and drive to your local grocery store to find that the brand (or sany brand, for that matter) is completely out until Tuesday? Yes. I know I have. And I’ve hated having to call stores to check if they have milk for me to drive over there and hope that it’s still available for me when I get there.

Anyways, if you are a true mac and cheese lover like me, you know the annoyance of not having milk to make your mac and cheese, in the first place —- some of us could simply not survive. Let me offer a few suggestions that have saved my life, so to speak, when I’ve found myself in the very same situation —- the first is, have you tried using a little bit of extra butter instead? The difference felt, in the end, is not too much. And I love butter (on popcorn, on mac and cheese, on grilled cheese sandwiches, you name it). Also, have you considered the option of powdered milk?

Many people forget that there is dry milk available in nearly every grocery store, and that it is easy to open and pour. It is already pre - made and shelf - stable, but so many people do not even know (or remember) that it exists. It tastes nearly the same as regular, “wet” milk that we all are used to, but it does not get enough advertising, in my opinion ; few people ever consider it, much less know about it. Yet it’s there, and what I have found, especially during the COVID lockdowns in my area, is that it usually did not go out of stock when all other milk did. It came off the shelves with less frequency.

So let it be something to at least think about the next time you have to make a quick grocery run at the store —- and while you’re at it, why not get bulk? Buy some for the long haul. Save yourself the extra trips, friend.